Cable Jointing Tools – Prysmian Cable Jacket Stripping Tools

Published 15 Jan 2018

Cable Jointing Tools

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Jointing & Preparation Tools

Prysmian cable jointing tools include a complete range of cable sheath/jacket strippers specified to strip and remove the cable jackets on concentric neutral cables, flat strap neutrals and PILC cables including the Prysmian AIRGUARD range of Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Power, Instrumentation and Control cables – PG cable jacket and sheath strippers are suitable for low, medium and high voltage cable sheaths.

Prysmian Order Code Cable Jacket OD Range Inches (mm)
Prysmian PG2-MV-2020 0.80-1.40 (20-36mm)
Prysmian PG3-MV-1018 1.00-2.00 (25-51mm)
Prysmian PG3-MV-2833 1.00-2.00 (25-51mm)
Prysmian PG4-MV-2833 1.85-3.00 (47-76mm)
Prysmian PG5-MV-3535 2.55-3.70 (65-94mm)
Prysmian PG6-MV-3535 3.14-4.90 (80-124mm)

Please note – the last number in the Prysmian part number indicates the cable tools blade depth – the first two digits indicate the depth in millimetres of cut for the circumferential cut and the last two digits indicate the depth in millimetres of cut for the longitudinal cut.

Example – Prysmian PG4-MV-2833 contains 4 circumferential blades to cut the cable sheath with a depth of 2.8mm and one longitudinal blade with a cable cutting depth of 3.3mm. Replacement blades are available.

Cable Jointing Tools

PG Cable Jacket Strippers

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Thorne & Derrick International

T&D are Specialist Distributors of High Voltage Joints & Terminations to UK and international customers – we guarantee expert technical support across an extensive range of core products to joints, splice, terminate or connect medium and high voltage (MV-HV) cables.

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