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“If I wasn’t wearing my PPE, it probably would have been a different story.”

This Case Study focuses on the importance of wearing PPE clothing to protect against Arc Flash in the construction and utilities industries when working around buried services.

It could save your life, like it did Eddie’s.

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Today we are demonstrating the importance of wearing arc flash protective clothing, with a real life case study. 


This is Eddies's story...


A few years ago, an operative was using a jackhammer when he struck a low voltage electrical cable, which led to an Arc Flash incident.


Fortunately, Eddie was wearing suitable arc flash clothing and PPE which ended up saving his life and protecting him from further and more significant injuries.

More Info

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are delighted to announce they have entered into an Official Distribution Agreement with ProGARM, the market-leading arc flash clothing manufacturer.


We have partnered with ProGARM to service and protect renewable, rail, oil/gas, data centre, battery storage, street lighting, smart-metering and utility workers.


Contact us to arrange a personal visit, an online presentation or for a general conversation on how we can help with your electrical safety priorities. Arc-rated clothing. Wear it, it saves lives.

Clothing & Garments to Protect Against Arc Flash Dangers

Eddie Smith: “When the Arc Flash hit me – it went so fast. And then everything that happened after seemed to go in slow motion. There were these thoughts running through my head; the first one being my little boy, but also my family and my job, and worry about the physical injuries.


Stay safe and don’t compromise.

arc flash protection
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