US02 Utility Cable Tool SemiCon Shaving MV HV Cables Ripley


Improved Jointer Safety & Cable Preparation


The fastest, safest + most accurate tool for removing bonded semi-con from MV HV power cables. 


** £399.45 plus VAT + Delivery **


The US02's compact and adjustable design accommodates a wide range of cable diameters (18 to 60mm) and semi-conductor thickness of up to 2.4mm.

Multiple contact bearings securely cradle the cable and provide stability throughout the shaving operation to ensure accuracy for preparing cables prior to jointing and termination.

The unique cutting blade shape preserves the smooth surface on MV HV XLPE cable insulation, eliminating the need for sanding or additional surface finishing by the Jointer.

US02 Utlity Cable Tool for Semi-Con Shaving MV HV Cables by Ripley US02 Utlity Cable Tool for Semi-Con Shaving MV HV Cables by Ripley
US02 Utlity Cable Tool for Semi-Con Shaving MV HV Cables by Ripley US02 Utlity Cable Tool for Semi-Con Shaving MV HV Cables by Ripley
11kV 33kV Bonded Screen Removal Tools
  • Compact design accurately removes semi con within 1.18″ (30 mm) of the jacket on mid-span and cable end stripping applications


  • Precision blade depth adjusts in increments of 0.004″ (0.1 mm)


  • Adjusts for 0.71″ to 2.36″ (18 mm to 60 mm) cable diameters with semi-con thicknesses up to 0.095″ (2.4 mm)
  • Stop position squares off the edge to complete the shaving operation without need for additional clamp


  • Factory-set blade is easily replaced


  • A revolving ergonomic handle and accessible adjustment knobs reduce effort & potential strain from repetitive shaving functions by the jointer
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