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The LS 50 FLEX is a battery powered Hydraulic Punching Tool with a highly flexible rotating head and an integrated pressure sensor.

Thorne & Derrick, specialist distributors of Klauke cable crimping and cutting tools, are offering the LS 50 Hydraulic Punching Tool + a set of punches ISO 16-40, at the discounted price of £1,250. ex. delivery & VAT.

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Battery Powered Cable Crimping Tool Battery Powered Cable Cutting Tool
Battery Powered Cable Cutting Tool Battery Powered Cable Cutting Tool

Since 1996, Klauke has expanded its product portfolio with the Greenlee brand. With the focus on punching tools and cable management products.


Cable cutting and crimping tools, manufactured by Klauke and distributed by Thorne & Derrick, are known for their high-quality.


Klauke manufacture a range of electrical connection tools for cable crimping, cutting and punching.

Greenlee Punching Tools | Hydraulic Tools
  • Choose your battery system: Bosch or Makita
  • All data can be easily read via Bluetooth
  • Balanced centre of gravity for easy handling and effortless operations
  • LED for work area illumination
  • Energy saving function with motor cut-out after successful operation
  • Manual retract as required
  • Always ready-to-use thanks to battery charge and service display
LS 50 Cable Punching Tool



The LS 50 Flex hydraulic punching tool can be used for stainless steel material, square and rectangular holes.



WEIGHT: 2.1 kg

BATTERY: Makita 18v 1.5 Ah Li-lon


PUNCHING CAPACITY: Approx. 200 punch operations - 3mm dia. mild steel


LS 50 Cable Punching Tool

This special offer bundle includes the LS 50 Flex, as well as the Slug Buster® Set ISO 16 – 40 for quick, clean, effortless and burr-free holes. The Slug Buster® set is suitable for mild steel up to 3.5mm thick material.


The set is used extensively by Panel Builders and Electrical Contractors; perfect for enclosures & gland plates.


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Slug Buster Hole Punching Tool Set

The world‘s first battery hydraulic crimping and cutting tools, with Tri-Insulation Barrier technology, provides users with 1,000V protection against electrical shocks.


Training, supervision, testing and PPE are all standards, but what the KLAUKE Orange implements is another layer of electrical safety into the process.

Cable Cutting & Cable Crimping Tools

The Klauke EKM 60/22 has a large crimping range for cable lugs and connectors up to 300sqmm – suitable for crimping tubular cable lugs and connectors.


Features Include:

  • Closed head with bolt interlock, rotatable.
  • LED for work area illumination
  • interchangeable crimping dies, narrow cable crimping
  • Quality assurance via visual and audible signals in case of error
  • Effortless working due to balanced centre of gravity



The Klauke ESM 35 ISM VDE is a battery powered cutting tool that has a maximum cutting diameter of 35mm – suitable for cutting copper and aluminium cables (also fine-stranded) with a high cutting force.


Features Include:

  • Open head, rotatable
  • Simple and safe: one-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions
  • Effortless working due to balanced centre of gravity
  • LED for work area illumination
  • 2-stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke
  • Simple and safe: automatic retraction when operation is complete
  • Manual retract stop (MRS) for efficient operations

Representatives from across the utilities sector were shown first-hand how new developments in cable protection have made a significant step forward.


Centriforce, working through their distributor network including Thorne & Derrick, announced a new cable protection product that can help to improve working safety for High Voltage Electricity Cables applications -  known as the Stokbord Drum.


Stokbord is a highly versatile impact resistant product that protects underground utilities from damage and at the same time provides a highly visual alert of what lies beneath.

HV High Voltage Cable Protection

Slingco has developed a range of cable socks tailored for the support and installation of LV MV HV cables in the renewable energy sector:


  • Cable installation – offshore and onshore
  • Cable support inside wind turbines
  • Cable management


Cable Socks include:


Wind Turbine Cable Socks

Marine Cable Socks

Lace-Up Cable Socks

Cable Socks

Following a 12 month Supplier Performance Assessment and the successful completion of several UK, European and US projects, Thorne & Derrick International are delighted to announce that we have been accredited with Approved & Verified Supplier Status to GE Renewable Energy.


Our recent projects include the supply off Earthing, Discharging & Substation Safety Equipment to the Terna 320kV HVDC Italy-France Connector project and a 33kV Cable Accessories package to Block Island USA Offshore Wind Farm.


High Voltage Cable Accessories

Working with the Electrification & Plant CRE Section Manager and the project Design & Delivery Team for the South Rail Systems Alliance, Thorne & Derrick supported by BCM GRC Ltd provided specification support, technical drawings and competitive commercial delivery of the GRC cable troughs to provide cable support and protection to rail signalling, communications and power cables.


As Preferred Distributors for the BCM GRC range of Glass Reinforced Concrete cable troughs: the purchase order was delivered within 4 weeks.

Cable Trough
Cable Jointers LV MV HV 11kV 33kV

Thorne & Derrick supply 3M Electrical, Prysmian, Filoform and SPS low voltage cable joints suitable for connecting and jointing single and multi-core/pair power, control and instrumentation cables up to 600/1000V (3.3kV) in industrial and hazardous area locations.


Specialist applications include fire resistant, low smoke zero halogen, hydrocarbon resistant and utility cable joints utilising Cold Shrink or Scotchcast resins.

LV Cable Joints - Cold Shrink, Heat Shrink & Resin

Heat shrink, cold shrink, push-on and slip-over cable accessories enable the jointing, terminating and connection of 11kV-33kV and 66kV-132kV cables to oil, air or gas insulated switchgear, transformers, motors and overhead lines distributing electricity at medium/high voltages.


Stockists of separable connectors including Pfisterer CONNEX and Nexans Euromold for inner or outer cone cable termination.

HV Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors

Arc flash clothing and protection equipment including coveralls, gloves, helmets, face shields, insulating gloves and general head-to-toe PPE is used to protect against flashover. 


Contact us to discuss and calculate your arc flash protective clothing requirements.


Arc Flash Helmets

Insulating Boots


BLOG : Can Arc Flash Clothing Save Utility Workers Lives?



Arc Flash Clothing, PPE & Flash Protection Kits

A complete range of cable cleats manufactured by Ellis Patents used to clamp and retain low, medium and high voltage cables in the event of a short circuit, including 11kV/33kV MV-HV power cables – single, trefoil, quadrofoil and multiple bundled cable cleat configurations.


LV MV HV EHV Cable Cleats


BLOG : IEC 61914 – Cable Cleats & Short Circuit Protection Calculations



Cable Cleats

Cable jointing tools for stripping and preparing low, medium and high voltage power cables including 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV-400kV polymeric cables with XLPE or EPR insulation and bonded/peelable semi-conductive cable screens.





T&D distribute Cable Jointing Tools from leading manufacturers including Alroc, Ripley, Boddingtons and Hivotec for all types of LV, MV or HV cable stripping, preparation and jointing requirements – insulated tools are available for live-working on low voltage cables, joints and electrical equipment up to 1,000v.

Cable Jointing Tools

Cable protection covers, tile tapes and underground warning tapes are installed over LV, MV and HV power cables in trench and ducted cable installations with high visibility colour providing a visual warning of danger when excavating cables.


11kV and 33kV cable protection tapes (Tapetile and Stokbord covers) are manufactured from heavy duty plastic for reliable protection.


Underground protective covers are used to provide a clear and effective visual warning to the presence of LV-HV underground cables, cable duct or high voltage cable joints.


BLOG : Tape Tile & Stokbord Cable Protection Covers For MV HV Power Cables

Cable Protection Covers

Thorne & Derrick distribute the most extensive range of Cable Pulling & Cable Laying Equipment to enable the installation of low, medium and high voltage power cables into underground trench or duct. 


Cable Rollers | Socks | Duct Rods | Jacks | Lubricant

Cable Pulling & Cable Laying

Cable Transits manufactured by Roxtec to provide effective sealing of single and multiple low and high voltage cables and ducts against constant water pressure, fire spread and gas migration.


Extensively specified in the Utility Power, Transmission & Distribution sectors for sealing cable ducts and protecting 11kV/33kV medium/high voltage substations against flood risk.

Cable Transits

Earthing & Lightning Protection products including bare and covered copper earth tapes to provide effective earthing protection to LV, MV & HV substations, buildings and electrical infrastructure supported by a complete range of earthing products such as earth rods, plates and lattice or solid type copper earth mats.


BLOG: Earthing System Design Services 

Earthing & Lighting Protection

T&D supply both standard and bespoke feeder pillars in a selection of materials, paint finishes and dimensions to meet all indoor and exterior power distribution, control and lighting requirements up to 1,000 volts with IP65 door seal – this includes LV substation and network pillars with DNO supply cut-outs for utility applications.


Feeder Pillars

Non-radial, rough and jagged semicon screens with protuding points at the cutback will cause termination or joint FAILURE.




See our range of Jointing Tools including fully bonded and peelable ("easy strip") semicon screen removers


Also : MV Heat Shrink Cable Terminations Can Fail Despite Passing VLF Tests

Cable Jonting Tools 11kV

In this BLOG we discuss to processes and Furse products used for the Earthing of electricity substations with site installation photographs from an EHV 275kV substation earthing project.


Thorne & Derrick promote professional businesses providing leading technical skills and services to the power distribution industry.


Take a look at our Guest Articles.


The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Transition to Distribution System Operator (DSO)


UPS – The Key Role of Back-up Battery Testing & Maintenance For Reliable Power Supply by BCL Power


Cable Ploughing | Meet ATP The European Utility Ploughing Specialists

Cable Ploughing MV HV 11kV 33kV

The following sequence of photographs provide a behind the scenes glimpse of Cable Splicer Training at the Quanta Services Lazy Q Ranch, a state-of-the-art facility where the Art & Craft of Cable Splicing is alive and kicking.


Cable Splicing At The Lazy Q


PILC - Cable Longevity


Cold Shrink Splicer Training


“You’re Just A Cable Splicer!”


“You’re Still Just A Splicer!”


Special thanks to James Craven & John Perez - Quanta Services.

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BASEC are collaborating on knowledge and content sharing with Thorne & Derrick.


With a shared passion and ambition to enhance LV MV HV electrical safety by the education of industry stakeholders to specify and buy accredited, tested and certified Quality Cables & Cable Accessories.

Cables LV MV HV

The following article has been republished with kind permission of Martha Davis (Senior Director of Content – T&D World and Utility Analytics Institute) from Transmission & Distribution World and their video sponsor Burns & McDonnell.


The 5 Videos videos are real-life and shot-on-site, showing transmission and distribution crews and splicers at work.

High Voltage Electrical Cable Jointers
Nexans Cables Nexans Cables
Nexans Cables Nexans Cables

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