Hivotec Tools For 66kV Cable Jointing, Stripping & Peeling High Voltage Cables

Published 17 Jan 2018

66kV Cable Jointing, Stripping & Peeling Tools - Some HV Jointers Tips

66kV Cables – Jointing Tool Recommendations

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Jointing 66kV cables requires special skills, special tool sets and specialist skilled Jointers – cable preparation by the HV Jointer must be accurate and perfect before the field installation of high voltage joints and terminations.

Whether installing heat shrink, cold shrink, slip-on or separable connectors, joints and terminations the removal of sheath, insulation and semicon screen must be precise and in accordance with the manufacturers jointing instructions.

Jointers preferences vary – they are usually personal and based on familiarity and the type of high voltage cables to be jointed. Leading manufacturers of jointing tools include Alroc, Boddingtons and Ripley a Utility Tool brand. Some manufacturers, such as Pfisterer, produce their own recommended cable tool sets for use with their range of inner cone plug connector terminations on gas insulated switchgear and substations.

So we invited Chris Barker (HV & EHV Cable Jointer) to comment on his cable tool preferences for use with 66kV high voltage cables – Chris is an international class HV EHV Jointer conversant with XLPE and fluid filled joints and terminations. Competent and certified with Prysmian, ABB, Silec, Nexans, Pfisterer Ixosil, Raychem and 3M at 132kV.

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Hivotec CP90 CP130

Screen & Insulation Removal 33kV/66kV Cables


“I wouldn’t say there is a specific cable jointers tool set to hold for 66kV jointing –  personally with the range of jointing tools I own I can confidently confront standard 11kV up to extra high voltage 400kV cables,” Chris comments.

“The Hivotec CP90 semicon peeling and insulation stripping tool with a cable diameter range of 40-90mm can be used to prepare both 33kV medium voltage cables and 66kV high voltage cables with bonded semicon and XLPE polymeric type cable insulation. The Hivotec CP90 provides a perfect transition between the cable insulation and bonded semicon.”

“To remove the PVC cable sheath the PG tools manufactured by Alroc provide clean circumferential and longitudinal cuts to the cable sheath without incurring damage to the cable construction – this tool can also be used to strip lead sheath covering from 33kV/66kV high voltage single core power cables. I would then use a jointers cable knife for tramlining.”

“Hivotec provide a complete range of modular MV HV Jointing Tools for the peeling and stripping of HV cables covering a diameter range from 40-185mm. The Hivotec tools are equipped with guiding rollers eliminating the requirement for greasing of cables,” adds Chris.

The cable peeling depth can be simply adjusted with the fine adjustment screw to provide smooth finish to cable insulation surface without need for additional regrinding or sanding.

  • Hivotec CP90 – Peeling and cable stripping tool for a diameter range of 40–90mm (optional drive)
  • Hivotec CP130 – Peeling and cable stripping tool for a diameter range of 80–130mm (optional drive)
  • Hivotec CP185  – Peeling and cable stripping tool for a diameter range of 130–185mm
  • Hivotec Unipower 34R – Gear transmission unit to drive Hivotec CP90 and CP130
Hivotec Cable Jointing Tools

The range of HV High Cable Jointing Tools manufactured by Hivotec – specified for the stripping and chamfering of insulation and peeling or removal of bonded semicon screens on high voltage power cables.

hIVOTEC CP90 HV Cable Tools – Main Technical Data

Range of High Voltage Cable Diameter mm 40-90
Weight of Jointing Tool kg 4.20
Maximum Semicon Peeling Depth mm 2.0
Minimum Length Of Remaining Semicon mm 70
Cutting Depth For Insulation mm 3…35


400kV Cable Jointing Tools

Here the Hivotec CP130 has been used to prepare a perfect EHV cable semicon cut back, high quality cable preparation installations mean minimal future O&M for cable accessories such as joints, terminations and connectors. Note the cleanliness of the cable insulation – all cables whether LV HV EHV should be carefully cleaned using cable cleaning wipes to remove any debris or contaminants from the cable.

Image: Narasingaraj Surappan (EHV Cable Jointer).

Cable Jointing Tools

400KV Cable | Stripping & Jointing Prysmian EHV Cable Using Hivotec CP130

➡ The following 66kV Jointing Gallery features the skill and craftmanship of Chris Barker. All images are property of Chris Barker.

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