Medium Voltage Cable Joints Using Fire Proof Prysmian Cable Joints – 15kV EPR Okonite

Published 15 Jan 2018

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  • Application: 15kV EPR Okonite Medium Voltage Cable – Primary UD Cables
  • Cable Joint Type: Prysmian Cable Joints – Medium & High Voltage
  • Cable Jointer: Christopher Fusarelli Splicer at The United Illuminating Company
Cable Joints Medium Voltage MV

Joints, Splices & Terminations to suit Okonite Cables LV MV HV | 15kV

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MV Joints & Cable Preparation

1. MV Cable Preparation. The medium voltage cables are expertly prepared by the cable jointer/splicer using basic tools such as cable jointing knife, needle nose pliers and a scale ruler – no specialist cable jointing tools were used to complete this MV cable preparation or joint. To achieve this level of precision and accuracy without damaging the cable and jeopardising the medium voltage cable joint requires an exceptional skill level. The 15kV cable manufactured by Okonite is 750 KCMIL with EPR insulation and ready to be connected using Prysmian cable joints. The white tape overlap section between the copper tape screen and semicon screen is used to secure the medium voltage cable shielding in place.

MV Medium Voltage Cable Joints
MV Medium Voltage Cable Joints

2. Medium Voltage Cable Joints – Fire Proof. The medium voltage cable joint is over-wrapped to provide fire protection and arc proofing. This MV cable joint was for a new medium voltage circuit with several cable chambers so the 15kV cable is actually open on both ends and not grounded – “the phasing is not completed until every medium voltage cable joint or splice is completed except the first and last, and that’s when we phase it,” comments Christopher.MV Medium Voltage Cable Joints

3. Medium Voltage Straight Joints – no tee (or branch) cable joints were installed, “this particular MV circuit isn’t very long and goes from substation to a dozen or so manholes, then the medium voltage cable terminates at a riser. If our circuit has wyes or tees, we still typically phase at the end,” added Christopher. Branch joints can be used to split main feeder cables into two cables that can be directed to other loads. MV Medium Voltage Cable Joints

Cable Pulling

Cable Pulling – the cable gang pulling 15kV 500MCM medium voltage EPR cable. Here the contractor is preparing to piece out a circuit that runs through the middle of the manhole (cable splicing or jointing chamber).

Prysmian Elaspeed Cable Joints

Prysmian Elaspeed cold shrink cable joints and splices are medium voltage cable accessories extensively specified in North American markets – Elaspeed are not molded cable joints. Elaspeed cable joints feature a core constructed from ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) on a vertical triple extruder which maintains concentricity on medium voltage cables. Cable joints are installed cold-applied without the requirement for heat or open flames associated with heat shrink cable joints.

Watertight Cable Joints

The circumferential pressure of the Prysmian Elaspeed cable jacket in conjunction with the cold flow properties of the mastic supplied with the cable joint kit will prevent water ingress. The Elaspeed MV cable joint has successfully passed external water pressure tests of 45 psi. In addition, the tight interface between the cable and cable joint body can withstand pressures up to 30 psi.

Compact Joints

Prysmian Elaspeed joints mimic the behaviour and performance of MV EPR cables in terms of bending radius in tight manhole situations – cable joints or splices can be bent to the same radius as the cable without impacting upon the performance of the joint. The small and smooth profile of the completed joint occupies less installation space where confined space working does not permit oversized joints.

Medium Voltages

Prysmian Elaspeed joints are available in the following voltage categories: 15kV, 25kV, 28kV, 35kV – the cable joints are available to also connect 3 core conductor armoured cables and aluminium inter-locked armoured MV-105 cables, including TECK Cable. Transition joints are also available to splice 3 or single core conductor paper lead (PILC) cables to 3 or single core conductor EPR / polymeric cables.

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