Prysmian Cable Cleats

Prysmian Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats – LV MV HV 11kV 33kV

Prysmian Cleats

Prysmian cable cleats are specified to provide cable protection in the event of a short circuit situation – this includes providing cable clamping and support to LV, MV & HV cables operating at 11kV-33kV.

Specialist cable cleats, saddles and supports are also available for EHV (Extra High Voltage) cables operating at transmission and distribution levels (132kV, 245kV, 400kV).

Cable Cleats – Advantages

  • Cleats ensure orderly LV-HV cable installation allowing cable to be used at optimum rating
  • Maintain cables in position allowing reworking in safe conditions
  • Cable cleats provide restraint against short circuit current forces, including 11kV and 33kV

Selecting & Specifying Cable Cleats

LV MV HV 11kV 33kV

Cable cleats are available in plastic (nylon and LSF), stainless steel and aluminium – the following information enables the selection of cleats in order to achieve compliance with IET 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

11kV 33kV

MV HV Cable Cleats

522.8.4 “where the conductors or cables are not supported continuously due to the method of installation, they shall be supported by suitable means at appropriate intervals in such a manner that the conductors or cables do not suffer damage by their own weight” (1)

522.8.5 “every cable and conductor shall be supported in such a way that it is not exposed to undue mechanical strain and so that there is no appreciable mechanical strain on the terminations of the conductors, account being taken of the mechanical strain imposed by the supported weight of the cable or conductor” (1)

(1) 522.8.4, Extracts from BS7671 – IET 17th Edition Wiring Regulations 

Specialist application cleats include fire resistant cable cleats (suit Prysmian Draka FP, Afumex, FT and Saffire cables), epoxy coated cleats for harsh and hazardous area applications where salinity, chemicals, pollution, high humidity and high temperatures exist.

IEC 61914 The International Cable Cleat Standard

Prysmian cable cleats are tested to European and International standard BS EN 61914:2009 (IEC 61914) – short circuit currents generate potentially catastrophic forces. In view of sizing an LV-HV electrical installation and the associated cable cleats, accessories and electrical equipment, as well as determining effective protection of both life and property, short-circuit currents must be calculated for throughout the cable network circuit.

IEC 60909-0:2016 is applicable to the calculation of short-circuit currents in LV low voltage three-phase AC systems and in HV high voltage three-phase AC systems.

Single Way Cable Cleats

Selecting Single Cable Cleats

  • Support Structure: Cable Ladder/Support Material Compatibility With Cable Cleat
  • Mechanical Strength Required
  • Environment: Industrial, Corrosive (Offshore Marine), High Temperature
  • Cable Size: Outside Cable Diameters

The Prysmian range of single cable cleats:

  • Telcleats
  • Afumex Telcleats (LSOH Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • Ranger Cleats
  • Heavy Duty Hook Cleats
  • Plastic Two Bolt Cleats
  • Afumex Two Bolt Cleats (LSOH)
  • Hook Cleats (Aluminium)
  • Claw Cleats (Aluminium)
  • Two Bolt Cleats (Aluminium)
  • Linear Short Circuit Straps
  • Orbit Cable Cleats
  • Trefoil Cleats
  • Heavy Duty Two Bolt Cleats (Aluminium)
Prysmian Cable Cleats - Single Way Cable Cleats

Cables cleats made from nylon, stainless steel or aluminium up to 165mm cable diameter

Fire Resistant Cable Cleats

The Prysmian range of fire resistant cable cleats:

  • FP Firefix Single Cable Clips
  • FP Firefix Double Cable Clips
  • Cast Iron Claw Cleats
  • Cast Iron Two Bolt Cable Cleats
Prysmian Cable Cleats - Fire Resistant Cable Cleats

Cable cleats up to 1000ºC for clamping FP Fire Performance and resistant cables

Trefoil Cable Cleats

Selecting Trefoil Cable Cleats

  • Short Circuit Rating – Fault Level kA Peak
  • Specialist cable cleats available for solar energy cables, fire protection cables and rail cables (track feeder/signalling/power)
  • Cable Type – Fire Resistant (Draka Firetuf Prysmian FP), LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), LSF (Low Smoke Fume), MUD Resistant (BFOU RFOU NEK606), Medium Voltage Cables (6.6kV 11kV 33kV BS7835 BS7870 BS6622 BS6480), High Voltage Cables (66kV), Extra High Voltage Cables (132kV 275kV 400kV).

The Prysmian range of trefoil cable cleats:

Prysmian Cable Cleats - Trefoil Cable Cleats

Cable cleat support for LV, MV & HV cables up to 145mm diameter in trefoil formation

➡ For technical and selection information about Prysmian Cable Cleats please see the product sections below.

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