Cable Jointing Tools

Cable Jointing Tools

Jointers Cable Tools | Low Medium High Voltage | LV MV HV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV

Tools for Preparation of Low, Medium & High Voltage Cables

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Incorrect or sub-standard cable preparation is the primary cause for the failure of medium/high (MV-HV) cable accessories including joints, terminations and connectors – the use of the correct jointing tools extend the service life of power cable systems and underground distribution networks.

➡ View the complete range of Cable Jointing Tools for stripping and preparing low, medium and high voltage power cables including 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV-400kV polymeric cables with XLPE or EPR insulation and bonded/peelable semi-conductive cable screens.

Motorised cable jointers tools are available for the smooth and efficient preparation, removal, peeling and chamfering of EHV cables with outside diameters of up to 160mm.Alroc - Cable Jointing Tools

Cable jointing tools are also available to establish a precise chamfer, groove, pencilling, shaving or cut to medium/high voltage cable insulation – multifunction tools with the capability of performing several stages of cable preparation are available and also contained tool kits for 11kV/33kV cable jointing.

Thorne & Derrick distribute Cable Jointing Tools from leading manufacturers including Alroc, Ripley, Boddingtons and Hivotec for all types of LV, MV or HV cable stripping, preparation and jointing requirements – insulated tools are available for live-working on low voltage cables, joints and electrical equipment up to 1,000v.

Tools used whilst jointing and terminating cables must be kept clean and dry.

Cable Jointing Tools

3 Main Stages Of Cable Preparation i) Sheath ii) Screen iii) Insulation Removal

Cable Jointers Tools High Voltage

ALROC CAMF440-90-BBCF Multifunction High Voltage Cable Jointing Tool | Chamfer | Groove | Shave

Cable Jointers Tools

Thorne & Derrick stock and supply jointing tools approved for use on leading manufacturers cables including:

  • General Cable
  • J Power System (Sumitomo Electric)
  • LS Cable & System
  • Nexans Cables
  • Prysmian Group
  • TFKable JDR
  • Brugg Cables
  • Hitachi Cables
  • Ericsson
  • NKT
  • Cabelte
Cable Jointing Tools Approved By High Voltage Cable Manufacturers

Cable Jointing Tools Approved By High Voltage Cable Manufacturers

Cable Preparation tools Prevent Medium/High Voltage Cable Termination & joint Failures

The MV cable pictured below with XLPE insulation seriously compromised as a direct consequence of the cable jointer inflicting a semi-conductive screen cutback error – the jointer created a slight spiral effect on the cable instead of the required radial cut leaving a section of semicon screen next to the original semicon cutback creating a shadowing effect on the natural colour of the XLPE cable insulation.

Employing trained and certified jointers using precision engineered cable jointing tools specified and approved by leading manufacturers of MV-HV cable significantly reduce the risk of cable failure caused by inadequate attention to critical stages of high voltage cable preparation.

Semicon Cable Preparation Tools

Defective High Voltage Semicon Screen Cutback. Image: IMCORP

Transmission & Distribution Cable Tools

Thorne & Derrick also distribute the Utility Tool range of cable tools, a brand of Ripley Tools, for the preparation and stripping of wire, cables and lines for power, transmission and distribution voltages – this includes mid-span, end span, cable jacket strippers and semi-con shaving tools for 11kV/33kV (15kV/35kV) primary and secondary distribution underground cables and overhead lines.

➡ See also our complete range of MV HV Joints, Terminations & Connectors for medium an high voltage cables.

Ripley Cable Tools

Ripley Cable Tools

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