Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment

Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment

Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment


Low Voltage Polymeric Cables up to 3.3kV

3M Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits (CSCAK) are suitable for XLPE (SWA steel wire armoured) and EPR (GSWB galvanised steel wire braided) insulated cables, including single and multicore cables with lead sheath, 600/1000v up to 3.3kV.

3M CSCAK cold shrink cable abandonment kits (live cable end seals) are used to temporarily or permanently seal power, control and instrumentation cables – especially the abandonment of redundant or decommissioned low voltage offshore, marine and shipwiring power, control and instrumentation cables.

The abandonment kits manufactured by 3M Electrical are cold-applied suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area electrical installations according to the ATEX Directive without need for heat shrink procedures or “hot-working” with naked flames in potentially explosive environments.

Unlike cable end caps, the cable abandonment kits include copper earth braid system for the safe grounding off cables in the event of future planned or accidental energisation.

The cable sheath and cores should be covered and protected with copper earth braid and bonded using constant force springs to effectively short-circuit the cable system if energised. Copper binder wire and shielding braid is used to abandon and ground the individual cable cores.

Cold shrink cable caps are positioned and installed onto the cable end – the “live-memory” action of cold shrink effectively shrinks down to create a reliable watertight and durable environmental seal exerting a constant radial pressure.

An outer cold shrink tube is positioned over the cable end cap and into contact with the cable sheath.

Cable Compatibility for 3M CSCAK Abandonment Kits

3M CSCAK suits LV Cables XLPE EPR Insulated Cables, PVC or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), Lead Sheath, Wire Armour (SWA) & Wire Braid (Galvanised & Phosphur Bronze), this includes onshore and offshore marine and shipwiring cables. Customised cable abandonment kit can be produced for certain applications including MI type Mineral Insulated cables.

See cable abandonment kits and products for high voltage cables including 6.6kV/11kV/33kV pot-end joints.

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Cable Abandonment

3M Cold Shrink CSCAK Cable Abandonment

Cable Abandonment Kit List

The cable abandonment kit uses a 3M Cold Shrink cable end cap, pre-stretched cold shrink tubes, Scotch 2228 Mastic TapeScotch 23 Self Amalgamating Tape and Scotch 24 Electrical Shielding Braid (tinned copper mesh tape) and constant force springs.

Cable abandonment kits suit the following cables:

  • XLPE/PVC Insulated – Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) – Mulitcore – BS5467 BS7624 (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • XLPE/PVC Insulated – Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA) – Single Core – BS5467 BS7624 (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • Lead Sheath Cables (EEMUA 133)
  • Steel Wire Armour Power, Control & Instrumentation Cable (SWA)
  • PVC Sheathed Cables
  • EPR Rubber Cables – Galvanised Steel Wire Braided (GSWB)
  • Unarmoured & Earthing Cables
  • Marine & Offshore Shipwiring Cables – Power, Control & Instrumentation (icl. Fire Resistant)

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Cable Abandonment - 3M Cold Shrink

Cold Applied Cold Shrink from 3M – suitable for hazardous area location abandoning of cables in potentially explosive atmospheres according to ATEX Directive, Zone 1 & Zone 2

Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits


  • Simple and quick to installation – no torches or heat required to install cold shrink abandonment kits
  • Permanent cable abandonment for LV cables
  • No requirement for additional mastic tapes or greases
  • No hot work permits required for hazardous area locations (HAZLOC) or potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Widely used in onshore and offshore environments, including hazardous area locations Zone 1 & Zone 2
  • 3M Cold Shrink rated up to and including 1.9/3.3kV

The following 3M Video details and explains the step-by-step installation procedure for 3M CSCAK Cable Abandonment Kits:

3m Cold shrink Technical Specification

3M Cold Shrink Part NumberPower Cable AbandonmentInstrumentation Cable Abandonment
Overall Cable DiameterNumber of Pairs
3M CSCAK/112 – 18mmUp to 5
3M CSCAK/218 – 25mmUp to 10
3M CSCAK/325 – 42mmUp to 20
3M CSCAK/442 – 55mmn/a
3M CSCAK/556 – 81mmn/a

Cable Abandonment Kit Selection Table

The following selection table is based upon low voltage power cable type according to BS5467 –  XLPE insulated cables including aluminium wire armoured single core cables and steel wire armoured multicore cables, 600/1000 volts.

Offshore Cables. Cable abandonment kits are available to suit halogen free (zero halogen), flame retardant, MUD resistant, heat resistant and fire resistant offshore and ship board power, control, instrumentation and lighting cables.

Contact T&D to discuss offshore cable abandonment applications in the oil and gas industry – including NEK606 (RFOU BFOU EPR TCWB) and BS6883/BS7917 (UKOOA) Cables.

Cable Abandonment KitXLPE AWA Single Core XLPE SWA 2 Core XLPE SWA 3 CoreXLPE SWA 4 Core3.3kV XLPE SWA Lead 3 Core 
3M CSCAK/11.5-6sqmm1.5-6sqmm1.5-4sqmm
3M CSCAK/270-120sqmm10-35sqmm10-16sqmm6-16sqmm –
3M CSCAK/3150-500sqmm50-150sqmm25-120sqmm25-95sqmm25-95sqmm
3M CSCAK/4500-630sqmm185-400sqmm150-185sqmm120-150sqmm120-185sqmm
3M CSCAK/5800-1000sqmm –240-400sqmm185-400sqmm240-400sqmm


Cable Abandonment for 11kV 33kV Medium & High Voltage Cables

 ➡ Should you require customer service or technical support on the selection or specification of LV MV HV Cable Accessories please contact us – view the full range of 3M Cold Shrink Cable Abandonment Kits below.

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