11kV Cable Joints Single Core XLPE Heat Shrink Straight Joint Kits

11kV Cable Joints Single Core XLPE Heat Shrink Straight Joint Kits

Cable Joint 11kV | Single Core | XLPE | Heat Shrink

HV cable joints are suitable for medium/high voltage (MV-HV) 11kV single core polymeric cables (XLPE EPR) – cable joints use heat shrink tubes and suit 11kV cables with 25sqmm to 800sqmm single core conductors (copper and aluminium).

11kV Joints

11kV heat shrink cable joints suit unarmoured and armoured cables – this includes high voltage industrial power (XLPE BS6622 BS7835 with aluminium wire armour AWA) and marine offshore ship cable (EPR BS6883 with galvanised/phosphur wire braid) and copper wire or copper tape screen. Suitable also for BS7870 triplex cables.

Options include transition (PILC to XLPE) and transition trifurcating (3 x single core PILC to 3 Core XLPE) cable joints – contact us to discuss your requirements.

11kV Joint Single Core XLPE Cables

  • Cable Joint Type – Heat Shrink
  • Cable Voltage – 11kV
  • Number of Cores – Single Core
  • Conductors – 25sqmm, 35sqmm, 50sqmm, 70sqmm, 95sqmm, 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm, 240sqmm, 300sqmm, 400sqmm, 500sqmm, 630sqmm, 800sqmm
  • Cable Type – XLPE EPR (Polymeric)
  • Suit MV HV Power Cables – BS6622, BS7835, BS7870, BS6883, BS7917 & IEC60502-2
  • Also: 11kV Joint Single Core PILC Cables
11kV Single Core Cables

11kV Single Core Cables

Heat Shrink

Complete range of medium and high voltage cable joints and terminations for XLPE & PILC single / 3 core cables:

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MV HV Cable Terminations Cleats Tools

11kV Cable Installation Equipment | Cleats | Lugs | Glands | Earth Tapes | Substation Safety – leading manufacturers including Furse, CMP, Pfisterer, Prysmian, Alroc & Nexans Euromold

The following enables the joint kit selection for 11kV single core cables:

SPS 11kV Cable Joint – Order Code Cable Joint Kit Range – Single Core Cables
SPJ 12X-25-70-1 25-70sqmm
SPJ 12X-95-185-1 95-185sqmm
SPJ 12X-185-300-1 185-300sqmm
SPJ 12X-400-630-1 400-630sqmm
SPJ 12X-800-1 800sqmm
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