BAND-IT C206R | Band Dispenser & Stainless Steel Band 3/4″ 19.05mm


BAND-IT Bands & Buckles C206R


  • Product: BAND-IT Red Band Dispenser & Stainless Steel Band
  • Manufacturer: BAND-IT
  • Part Number: C206R
  • Width: 3/4″ 19.05mm
  • Thickness: 0.029″ 0.72mm
  • Band Roll Length: 100ft 30.5m
  • Weight: 8.16lbs 3.7kgs
  • Average Breaking Strain: 2250lbs


BAND-IT-Band Dispenser

BAND-IT C206 band, manufactured from high strength, corrosion resistant type 201 grade stainless steel, should be be installed using either of the following BAND-IT tools | C001 | C003 | C400 | J020

BAND-IT C206 band is used to form a stainless steel band clamp when installed in conjunction with the correct BAND-IT buckles – order code BAND-IT C256.

BAND-IT band 3/4″ width material is also available with a dispenser in 316 grade stainless steel – order code BAND-IT C406R.

BAND-IT stainless steel band and buckle products are available in both 201 and 316 grade material.

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