Cable Trough C/1/10 – TTS 200 Series

TTS 200 Series

Cable Trough

Cable Trough

Network Rail PADS Approved C/1/10

Certificate Of Acceptance PA05/05145

TTS 200 Series of polymer cable troughing is suitable for LV MV HV Rail Cable Protection in ground installations in ballast, on concrete plinths, wall mounted or elevated onto posts – the straight cable troughs including base and lids are manufactured from recycled synthetic resin to provide vertsatile cable ducting systems for power, signal and comms cables.

The closest concrete trough equivalent size is C/1/10 – polymer cable troughing is 70% lighter (71kg versus 21kg) with a 29% more capacity of 21850sqmm versus 37000sqmm. Where cable capacity is not the prime concern, but weight saving is, the TTS 200 Series provides the perfect solution for safer conformance with Manual Handling & Operations Regulations of troughs and lids.

TTS 200 Series polymer cable troughing units for rail cable protection and management include:

  • Straight Troughs
  • Curves
  • Gradients
  • Junctions
Cable Trough

LV HV Cable Trough – Green Trough is Network Rail approved for cable management and troughing of low voltage signal, telecoms and high voltage power cables up to 25kV trackside feeder cables.

Cable Trough C/1/10

Comparison Table

The following comparison demonstrates the physical and performance differences between C/1/10 type polymer and concrete cable trough:

Cable Trough C/1/10Cable Trough C/1/10
TSS 200 SeriesTSS 200 Series
Weight (Kg) 71 (total) 21 (total)
40 (base) 14 (base)
31 (lid) 7 (lid)
Internal Capacity 21850sqmm 37000sqmm
Dimensions  1000 mm (length) 1000 mm (length)
Internal 190 mm (width) 200 mm (width)
115mm (depth/height) 185 mm (depth/height)
External 280 mm (width) 270 mm (width
210 mm (depth/height) 255 mm (depth/height)

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Network Rail Cable Troughs

Trough Tec Systems

The ground level or elevated polymer cable trough management system comprising troughs and lids conforms to Network Rail NR/L2/TEL/00013 for protection and management of trackside cables including LV Low Voltage and HV High Voltage signal, telecoms and power cables up to 25kV – the scope of NR Network Rail acceptance for cable protection and management applies to trackside but excludes connecting subsurface stations or tunnels. Complete range of straight troughs and lids, gradient troughs and lids, tee pieces, junctions, joints and rail cable management accessories.

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