Cembre CPE 1 | CPE-1-110 | Hydraulic Pump Use With Cembre Crimping & Cutting Tools

Cembre CPE 1 & CPE-1-110

Cembre CPE 1 & CPE-1-110

Cembre CPE 1 & CPE-1-110 pumps are electrically driven hydraulic pumps developing a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi for installing cable crimps, lugs and connectors.

The CPE 1 & CPE-1-110 hydraulic pumps are powered by 230V/ 50-60Hz single phase electric motors and a remote hand controller allows advancement and pressure release on completion of the crimping operation.

The mechanically actuated emergency button located on the hydraulic pump body allows the pressure release at any time in case of power shortage.

The hydraulic pump is suitable for use with both Cembre hydraulic crimping tools and Cembre hydraulic cutting tools.

Hydraulic Pump User Instructions

  • Before operating the CPE-1 or CPE 1-110 pump for the first time replace the transport cap with the working cap supplied
  • Carry the pump using the handle (IM) and place on a flat, stable surface in a dry position
  • To avoid oil leakage during transportation the pump is equipped with an hermetically sealed cap which must be replaced with the working cap supplied for correct operation
  • Remove the transport cap and replace it with the orange working cap (TL) complete with dipstick for oil level verification, tighten firmly
  • Check that the nominal supply voltage corresponds to the value shown on the pump label then connect to the mains: ON-OFF switch (IG) will light, indicating connection to mains electricity (The pump must only be connected to correctly earthed sockets)
  • Remove “REMOTE CONTROL” protective cap connect the remote hand controller to the socket (C) : tighten the plug (CP) by turning the bezel (G) clockwise until it locks
  • Connect the flexible hose (TF) to the hydraulic head and to the corresponding female coupler on the pump
  • Connect the female coupler of the hydraulic hose to the corresponding male coupler on the hy­draulic head

CPE 1 & CPE-1-110 Pumps Description

C – Socket for connecting the remote hand/ foot pedal controller
C1 – Mains cable (plug 2 phases + earth)
F – Protection fuses
IG – On-Off switch I/O
IR – Quick release female hydraulic coupler
IM – Transport handle
LA – Alarm LED
MT – Electric motor
PO – Hydraulic pump
PC – Remote hand controller
PF – Remote foot pedal controller
PS – Oil release/emergency button
QE – Electrical panel
TF – 3 metre high pressure flexible hose

Hydraulic Pump Type: Cembre CPE-1 Cembre CPE-1-110 Cembre CPE-1-MG
Max. operating pressure bar (psi) 700 ( 0,000) 500 (7,250)
Oil supply litres/min (gpm) 0,8 (0.21)

Single-phase electric motor:

Supply Voltage Volt/Hz
Current Ampere

230- /50-60 110-115 – /50-60 230 – / 50-60 [CPE-1-MG]110-115 – / 50-60 [CPE-1-110-MG]
4,8 (50 Hz)
4,6 (60 Hz)
9,6 (50 Hz)
9,2 (60 Hz)
9,6 [CPE-1-MG]9,2 [CPE-1-110-MG]
Power Watt (HP) 1050 (1.4)
Control circuits Volt 24 DC
Oil reservoir capacity litres (gal.US) 2,0 (0.52)
Weight kg (Ibs) 21 (46)
Dimensions mm (inches) 372 x 223 x 482 (14.6 x 8.8 x 19)
Ingress protection IP 55
Cembre CPE 1 & CPE-1-110

Cembre CPE 1 | CPE-1-110 | Hydraulic Pump Use With Cembre Crimping & Cutting Tools

Some Fault Diagnosis Tips

Problem Possible Causes Solution
The pump does not start when the remote controller push button is pressed Fl and F2 fuses are faulty Replace the fuses with equivalents
Incorrect connection of the remote controller plug or the mains cable plug Connect plug correctly
The pump starts but immediately stops Incorrect connection of the hydraulic hose Check the quick coupler for correct
The pump starts but the oil is not pressurised and the yellow led flashes Insufficient oil in the reservoir Top up the oil reservoir
Oil leaks in the hydraulic circuit Check the hydraulic connection
After long use the pump will not start and the yellow led is on The thermal protection has triggered because of motor overheating Allow the motor to rest and wait until the motor has cooled down
It is not possible to couple the flexible hose to the pump Residual oil pressure in the hose Connect the flexible hose to the pump keeping the release button (PS) pushed

How to Top Up Oil

Periodically check, at least every 6 months, the oil level in the hydraulic pump.

  • Position the pump on its base on a flat surface
  • Completely discharge the oil pressure by pushing the pressure release button (PS)
  • Remove cap (TL) and check the level of the oil, if necessary slowly add oil. NEVER REFILL OVER THE MAXIMUM LEVEL to leakage during operation
  • When refilling is finished replace the cap (TL)

Should it be necessary to remove oil from the reservoir, drain by removing the cap with magnetic insert located on the bottom of the pump

Clean cap (TV) of any metallic deposits before replacing it.

Cleaning & Storage Of The Cembre CPE 1 & CPE-1-110

The Cembre CPE 1 & CPE-1-110 pump are robust and require limited daily maintenance. Ensure optimum performance following and complying to the following actions:

  • Never open the electrical panel cover or effect any maintenance operation when the pump is connected to the mains supply. Should replacement of pump components be necessary, always use original spare parts
  • After every use the pump and accessories must be wiped with a clean cloth, taking care to remove any residue – especially around the sockets, quick couplers and inside the protective caps
  • It is possible to check working pressure with the MPC1 gauge available as an optional accessory
  • After completion of the work release the oil pressure by pressing the release push button and make sure that the ram of the head connected is completely retracted
  • Switch off the pump by the ON-OFF switch (IG), selecting position “0”
  • Disconnect the pump from the mains supply for long periods of inactivity


Care should be taken when using and operating the Cembre CPE 1 & CPE-1-110 – some general advice is provided here however should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Avoid dirty surfaces: dust and sand are a danger to any hydraulic equipment
  • The mains supply cable must be in perfect conditions and correctly installed other it must be replaced immediately
  • Should it be necessary to extended the mains cable, use 3 core (2 phases+earth) cable of suitable section
  • Never pull the cable to disconnect it from the mains supply
  • Keep the cable may from heat, oil and sharp edges
  • Store the pump in a clean, dry environment

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