Draka Firetuf FT30 Saffire Cable – Fire Resistant, Halogen Free & Low Smoke Cables

Draka Firetuf FT30 Saffire Cable - Fire Resistant, Halogen Free & Low Smoke Cables

Draka Firetuf FT30 Saffire – Standard Fire Resistant Cables.

Draka FT30 Saffire is a Halogen Free, Low Smoke (0HLS) Flame Retardant cable that provides superior fire resistance and circuit integrity. Designed and manufactured to BS7629-1, Draka FT30 Saffire is manufactured in the UK with optimised ease of installation characteristics and meets the cable standard category of BS5839-1 and BS5266-1.

Draka Firetuf FT30 Saffire Cable

Cable Construction

Physical Characteristics

  • Manufacturing Standard: BS7629-1
  • Cable Conductors: Solid (Class 1) or stranded (Class 2) plain annealed copper
  • Insulation: Tough Durolate insulation
  • Electrostatic Screen: Aluminium/polyester laminated tape
  • CPC: Solid (Class1) or stranded (class 2) tinned annealed copper
  • Cable Sheath: High performance, thermoplastic zero halogen, low smoke (0HLS®) compound

Fire Resistant Cable Standards

  • Circuit integrity: BS 5839-1:2013 Standard. BS EN 50200 PH30, PH60, PH120 and Annexe E. BS 6387 C, W and Z
  • Flame propagation: BS EN 60332-1-2. BS EN 60332-3-24
  • Acid gas emission: BS EN 50267-2-1
  • Smoke emission: BS EN 61034-2

Fire resistant electric cables – specification for low voltage fire resistant, screened, fixed installation cables having low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire.

Draka Fire Resistant Cables

Firetuf Fire Resistant Cables – powering critical safety systems including fire alarms, lighting, emergency lighting, PA systems and CCTV.

Prysmian Draka Cables

Draka is a Prysmian brand – see also Low Smoke Zero Halogen and Offshore & Marine Cables.

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