Insulated Tool Set Cable Jointers Mates Tool Kit 7

Boddingtons Electrical Insulated Tool Set Cable Jointer's Mate Tool Kit 7

Insulated Tools

18 Piece Jointer’s Mate Tool Kit 7

Tool Kit 7, manufactured by Boddingtons Electrical, contains a set of 18 insulated tools for Cable Jointers for live line working and electrical safety. Tools are insulated according to IEC 60900 and usable up to 1000 V AC/1500 V DC.

Boddingtons Electrical

Cable Jointer’s Mate Tool Kit 7


Tool Part Number Description
104060 Insulated Cable Coring Knife with Curved Blade, 60mm Blade Depth, 180mm Length
1103NY Non Conductive Insulating Nylon Cable Core Wedges with Groove, 225mm Length
111310 Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, 10mm Tip Length, 1.6 Tip Width, 200mm Blade Length
111354 Insulated Slotted Screwdriver, 5.5mm Tip Length, 1.0 Tip Width, 150mm Blade Length
114302 PZ Insulated Pozidrive Screwdrivers , PZ2, 100mm Blade Length, 210mm Overall Length
236316 Insulated Diagonal Side Cutter, >4mm ⌀ Cutting Rates, 160mm Length
283002 Heavy Duty 210mm Hack Cable Knife, 32mm Blade Depth, 190mm Overall Length, 90mm Blade Length
292625 Insulated Groove Joint Pliers, 250 mm Length
430315 Insulated Depth Armour Gauge Saw, 150 mm Length of Blade
525002 Plastic 1m Folding Jointed Ruler
701150 Insulated Junior Hacksaw with a 32 TPI Blade, 150mm Blade Length
701300 Insulated HackSaw with 24 TPI Blade, 480mm Overall Length, 300mm Blade Length
C99000 Cable Coring Knife with Curved Blade, 70mm Blade Depth, 55mm Length
JTN-1 Non Conductive Insulating Mini Hepwedge Core Separator, 130mm Length
JTN-2 Non Conductive Insulating Midi Hepwedge Core Separator, 160mm Length
PA1968/10 Heavy Duty Insulated Cable Cutter – EL Type , 25 mm2 Material Cross Section, 250mm Length
124510 Tin English Pattern Snips 250mm Length
BPH016 Ball Pein Hammer 454g / 16oz
PPCR10 Half Round Cabinet Rasps 250mm/10in, 25mm Width

Live Working Insulated Tools

Insulated tools are used by utility contractors for safe cable preparation, jointing and working on waveform, wavecon, paper/lead low voltage distribution cables – see also cable jointing tools for stripping, cutting and removing sheath, insulation and screen from LV-HV cables.

Insulated Tools - LV MV HV Cable Jointers Tools Live Working

Insulated Tools – LV MV HV Cable Jointers Tools Live Working