Klauke PK252 Hydraulic Cable Crimping Head

Klauke PK252 Hydraulic Cable Crimping Head

Klauke PK252 Hydraulic Cable Crimping Head

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The Klauke PK252 is a battery powered cable crimping tool head that has a large crimping range for cable lugs and connectors up to 625sqmm – the crimping tool is suitable for 25-series interchangeable crimping dies for wide crimping according to DIN 48083, sheet 3.

The Klauke PK252 crimping head used for connecting to hydraulic pumps with 700 bar operating pressure for optimum crimping results.

Klauke crimping tools are available with Bosch or Makita battery system.

Battery powered hydraulic crimping tool head with quick coupling, 360º rotation when not pressurised.

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Klauke PK252

Klauke PK252


The following table outlines the performance specification of the Klauke PK252 crimping tool head:

Cable crimping force250 kN
Stroke20 mm
Crimping tool range16-625sqmm
Operating pressuremax. 700 bar
Weight5.3 kg
Charging time15 min
Weight incl. battery3.0 kg
Ambient temperature-10°C to +40°C


The following tables show the correct die sets to use for installing cable lugs, connectors, joints and end sleeves using Klauke PK252 crimping tool head:

Suitable forCrimping rangeDies
Copper tubular cable lugs and connectors
Copper tubular cable lugs and connectors, standard design, tubular cable lugs for switch cabinet connections16 – 500sqmmCrimping dies HR 25
Insulated cable lugs and connectors, insulated pin terminals10 – 150sqmmCrimping dies HIS 25
Tubular cable lugs and connectors for fine stranded conductors16 – 300sqmmCrimping dies HF 25


Suitable forCrimping rangeDies
Copper compression cable lugs and connectors to DIN
Copper compression cable lugs (DIN 46235) and connectors (DIN 46267, part 1) acc. to DIN16 – 625sqmmCrimping dies HD 25
Double compression cable lugs2 x 50 – 2 x 120Crimping dies HDP 22


Suitable forCrimping rangeDies
Sleeves for compacted conductors and sector-shaped conductors, copper
Pre-rounding dies for sector-shaped Al and Cu conductors10 sm – 300 se / 240 smCrimping dies HRU 25


Suitable forCrimping rangeDies
Aluminium compression cable lugs and connectors to DIN
Compression cable lugs and connectors according to DIN – Al10 – 500sqmmCrimping dies HA 25
Compression joints for full-tension connections of Aldrey-conductors according to DIN EN 50182, Al-conductors DIN EN 50182, 120 – 300 mm²25 – 300sqmmCrimping dies HAD 25
Compression joints according to DIN 48085, part 3 for Al-/St-cable according to DIN EN 50182, aluminium crimping25/4 – 120/20Crimping dies HAST 22
Compression joints according to DIN 48085, part 3 for Al-/St-cable according to DIN EN 50182, steel crimping25/4 – 120/20Crimping dies HST 25


Suitable forCrimping rangeDies
Clamps & Screw Connectors
Clamps, C-type10 – 185sqmmCrimping dies HC 25 / HMC 25
Clamps, H-type70sqmm-120sqmmCrimping dies HAH 25


Suitable forCrimping rangeDies
Cable end-sleeves
Cable end sleeves25 – 240sqmmCrimping dies HAE 25
Cable end sleeves, special trapezoid crimp for compacted fine stranded conductors25 – 240sqmmCrimping dies HAES 25


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Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors of cable tools to enable the preparation of all LV MV HV cables prior to the installation of Joints, Terminations & Connectors – this includes Klauke, Cembre, Alroc and Boddingtons cable jointing tools for removal of cable sheath, screen and insulation on 11/33kV (MV) and 66kV/132kV (HV) power cables.

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