Prysmian Sirius 379TC06 Trefoil Cable Cleats

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Trefoil Cable Cleats

Prysmian 379TC06 Sirius Trefoil Cleats
Prysmian 379TC06 Sirius trefoil cable cleats form part of the 379 series of trefoil cable cleats designed specifically for use in harsh environments – suitable for single core cables laid in trefoil formation with high fault current requirements.

Prysmian 379TC06 cable cleats with single or double bolt fixing are suitable for LV, MV, HV cables up to 46mm outer (standard or LSOH) sheath diameter and can be used with all standard ladder and tray systems.



  • Manufacturer Prysmian
  • Cable Cleat Brand BICON
  • Range Sirius
  • Cable Cleat Order Code 379TC06
  • Stainless Steel Cable Cleat
  • Trefoil Cable Cleat
  • Single or Double Bolt Fixing
  • Trefoil Cable Outside Diameter Range: 40-46mm
Description Clause Classification
Cable Cleat Type 6.1.3 Composite
Operating Temperature 6.2 -40°C to +120°C
Impact Resistance 6.3 V. Heavy
Needle Flame 10.1 >120secs
Resistance To Short Circuit  6.4.3 (1 short
80kA rms, 175kA peak, ø=36mm,
Spacing = 300mm
6.4.4 (2 short
67.5kA rms, 146kA peak, ø=36mm,
Spacing = 300mm
Corrosion 6.5.2 High, Outdoor – wet conditions
Prysmian 379TC06 Sirius Trefoil Cleats

Prysmian 379TC06 Sirius Trefoil Cleats


  • B 115mm
  • C Max 105mm
  • D 60mm
  • E 25mm
  • Weight 657g


Specification details for Prysmian 379TC06 cable cleat for trefoil cable applications:

Prysmian Sirius Cleat Selection Cable Cleat Details
Prysmian BICON 379TC Sirus Cable Cleats Cable Diameter (mm) Dimensions
A B B C D Weight (g)
Min Max
379TC06 40 46 115 105 60 25 657

Prysmian Sirius Trefoil Cable Cleats (Stainless Steel) LV MV HV


➡ See Prysmian Cable Cleats to view cable support clamps for LV, MV & HV cables including short-circuit protection for 11kV and 33kV medium/high voltage power cables – this includes Prysmian Fire Resistant Claw Cleats manufactured from cast iron with a hot dip galvanised finish for onshore and offshore hazardous area locations.

For harsh environment and hazardous area cable installations Prysmian Multicleats cable cleats consisting of aluminium or stainless steel bases with a stainless steel strap complete with a tensioning clip the BICON Multicleat system can be specified with an epoxy coating for superior corrosion resistance in outdoor polluted atmospheres – see also our complete range of stainless steel cable cleats.

Trefoil Cable Cleats

Trefoil Cable Cleats

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