Slingco ZCS0328

Slingco ZCS0328

Cable Socks – Lace Up

Slingco ZCS0328 Lace Up Cable Socks are ideal for pulling light to medium cables and are fitted to the cable being pulled by wrapping around the cable and closed with the wire lace provided and is mainly used when other cable socks can’t be fitted over a connector at the end of the cable or when the end is not accessible.

  • Product: Lace Up Cable Sock
  • Slingco Part Number: ZCS0328
  • Construction: Galvanised Steel
  • Range: 1.00-1.50″ / 25-38mm
  • Lattice Weave: Single
  • Lattice Length: 18″ / 455mm
  • Overall Length: 24″ / 610mm
  • Approximate Break Load: 7,840lb / 3,555kg
  • More Overhead Line Equipment

➡ See complete range of cable socks for pulling and laying power, telecom, fibre optic, subsea and umbilical cables into trench, duct or onto overhead line towers – this includes single eye, double eye, open ended and lace-up type cable socks.

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