Voltage Detectors 13kV 36kV – Pfisterer KP-Test 5 Dual

Voltage Detectors 13kV 36kV

Voltage Detectors 13kV 36kV

Voltage Detectors

Pfisterer KP-Test 5 Dual is a capacitive voltage detector that is similar in design to the KP-Test 5. The one difference is the the KP-Test 5 dual is able to switch between two nominal voltage ranges allowing  a larger system range to be covered without increasing interference field susceptibility.

The voltage detector can be used for both indoor and outdoor medium voltage switchgear and overhead line applications (MV).

The Pfisterer KP-Test 5 Dual voltage detector provides a high level of user-friendliness and user safety – KP-Test 5 Dual is designed and type tested to Standard IEC 61243-1.

Other versions of the MV medium voltage detector with deviating voltages, ranges of nominal voltages, frequencies and languages are available on request.

KP-Test 5 Dual instruments detect the following voltage classes: 5kV – 12kV, 10kV – 20kV and 13kV – 36kV and 20kV – 36kV

Voltage Detectors 11kV 33kV

Voltage Detectors 11kV 33kV

Voltage Detector

Technical Specification

  • Integrated audible signal for reliable voltage tests even in noisy ambient conditions
  • Can be used during precipitation
  • Extremely strong LEDs in clear layout to prevent confusion
  • Maximum interference field resistance through the use of a high-quality contact electrode extension
  • Extensive self-test functions at switch-on, which even check the contact electrode extension
  • Removable contact electrode headpiece included as forked electrode
  • Switching between two voltage ranges by means of a switch
  • 50 Hz rated frequency

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♦ When using voltage detectors to establish presence of operating voltages on MV-HV power cables or overhead lines there may be a requirement to apply field equipment earths, portable earthing, to equipment which is working adjacent to Live conductors to discharge any induced voltages.

Voltage detectors in the KP-Test 5 Dual range provide dual indication of voltage i) Audible Signal ii) Visual Indication:

Voltage Detectors 1

Voltage Detectors | MV HV | Switchgear Substations Overhead Lines Up To 33kV

Voltage Detectors 2

Pfisterer KP-Test 5 dual

Voltage Detector Technical Specification

Pfisterer Part Number Nominal Voltage Level I Un (kV) Nominal Voltage Level II Un (kV)  Total Length LG (mm) Insertion Depth Ai (mm) Suitable Bag
930 190 501 0001 5-12 13 – 36 1730 910 A2
930 190 501 0029 10 – 20 20 – 36 1730 910 A2


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