Which Access Chamber Can Be Built Faster?

Published 21 Apr 2020

Access Chamber Test

Access Chamber Testing

The following Access Chamber test, performed by Cubis, has taken place in order to determine which Chamber Access method performs the best and can be installed the fastest – the time trial provides a comparison between conventional brick built and modern technology modular style access chambers.

access Chamber Testing

Access Chamber Trial

Brick Built Footway Access Chamber (traditional) VS   STAKKAbox™ Modula Access Chamber (Modern Alternative)


Trial 1

Brick Footway Access Chamber

Internal Dimension: 600mm x 600mm

External Dimension: 1030mm x 1030mm

Depth: 460mm

  • 150+ bricks
  • Motar


Trial 2

STAKKAbox™ Modula Access chamber

Internal Dimension: 600mm x 600mm

External Dimension: 666mm x 666mm

Depth: 900mm

(Twice the depth of Brick Built Trial)

  • 5 x Modula ring sections (each weighing less than 10kg)


Trial 1 Complete

Brick Footway Access Chamber

Build Time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Reinstatement: CAN NOT be completed same day

Vertical Loading: Suitable for vehicular trafficking in pedestrian areas

Achieved after 24 hours

Trial 2 Complete

STAKKAbox™ Modula Access chamber

Build Time: 15 minutes

Reinstatement: Completed within 15 minutes

Vertical Loading: Suitable for vehicular trafficking in pedestrian areas

Achieved immediately


After testing, it can be concluded that the STAKKAbox™ Modula access chamber is significantly faster to install when compared to a traditional Brick Footway access chamber. This is also factoring in the depth of the the Modula access chamber, which is almost double that of the brick. The STAKKAbox™ Modula access chamber has been found to be suitable for vehicular trafficking in pedestrian areas, which is achieved immediately.


issues with the brick access chamber

  • There are potential RSI & H&S issues found in the construction of traditional brick installation, including:
    • Repeatedly bending over
    • Hard manual labour (over 24hours 45 mins period)
  • Extra resources & building materials required to construct a traditional brick installation

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Modula Access Chamber

STAKKAbox™ Modula Access Chamber:

  • saves time
  • saves money
  • improved health and safety
  • easy and fast access
  • protection
  • adheres to worldwide CRH standards
  • easy assembly and installation
  • flat pack option, making shipping more efficient
  • variable sizes
  • constructed from recycled material

STAKKAbox™ Chambers are significantly faster to install than conventional alternatives, with complete installations typically taking under one hour. This results in reduced costs for the installer and significant time saving. No specialist equipment or plant is required in order to install an access chamber and there is no need for specialist box builders. With flexible installation, Cubis access chambers can be adapted to suit on-site conditions with standard tools to build over existing networks.


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