15kV/17.5kV Type Test Reports | 3M Cold Shrink QS1000 Cable Joints & Splices

Published 08 Jul 2019

➡ QS1000 are Cold Shrink Joints/Splices manufactured by 3M Electrical – the 3M QS1000 cable joints for single and 3 core cables are tested and rated to 15kV/17.5kV.

3M Electrical have a full type test report to 11kV for the cable joints – also 3M Electrical have type tests to show that the QS1000 splice bodies are tested to 15kV. The QS1000 splice is used in both the single, and 3 core joints, and the impulse level tests are relevant to show that all joints using the QS1000 are rated to 15/17.5kV.

Test Report | Cold Shrink | Single Core Cables MV HV Joints up to 15kV/17.5kV

Test Report | Cold Shrink | 3 Core Cables MV HV Joints up to 15kV/17.5kV

Information confirmed by 3M Electrical.

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