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3M Cold Shrink

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➡ T&D distribute the most extensive range of HV High Voltage Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors from manufacturers including 3M, Prysmian, Nexans Euromold, Elastimold, Pfisterer CONNEX and Shrink Polymer Systems.

Heat shrink, cold shrink, push-on and slip-over cable accessories enable the jointing, terminating and connection of 11kV-33kV and 66kV-132kV cables to oil, air or gas insulated switchgear, transformers, motors and overhead lines distributing electricity at medium/high voltages.

We hold large stocks of 11kV and 33kV joints and terminations suitable for XLPE, PILC and EPR cables to service the medium/high voltage power cable accessory requirements of UK and international customers.

High Voltage Cable Accessories

MV HV 11kV 33kV 66kV

  • Cable Joints – Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink
  • Cable Terminations – Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink
  • Cable Connectors – Loadbreak & Deadbreak Elbows & Screened Separable Connectors
  • Cable Plugs – Inner Cone & Outer Cone Connector Plugs
  • Cable Boxes, Bushings & Surge Arresters 11kV 33kV
  • Also – 11kV 33kV MV HV Cables
Joint Terminate Connect Medium & High Voltage Cables MV HV

Joint | Terminate | Connect Medium & High Voltage Cables MV HV

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