LV Cable Joints & Terminations - Cold Shrink, Heat Shrink & Resin

Cable Joints LV Low Voltage | Cold Shrink | Heat Shrink | Resin

Cable Joints LV Low Voltage | Cold Shrink | Heat Shrink | Resin | 600/1000V 3.3kV XLPE EPR PILC Cables

Cable joints are available from stock in several technologies to suit the low voltage (LV) installation application and cable type to be repaired or jointed; this includes i) Cold Shrink ii) Heat Shrink and iii) Resin.

Cable Joints

Thorne & Derrick supply 3M, Prysmian, Filoform and SPS low voltage cable joints suitable for connecting and jointing single and multi-core/pair power, control and instrumentation cables up to 600/1000V (3.3kV) in industrial and hazardous area locations – specialist applications include fire resistant, low smoke zero halogen, hydrocarbon resistant and utility cable joints.

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Solar Rail Mining Oil Gas

Jointing Cables Effectively To Eliminate Failure

Careful consideration must be given to the specification of the cable to be jointed, the installation application and environmental factors to prevent the risk of future failure when specifying LV cable joints.

XLPE, EPR and PILC insulated cables with wire armour or braid and lead sheath cover can be jointed effectively and Joints - Heat Shrink Cold Shrink & Resin Castsafely in straight, branch, transition, mains and service arrangement – joints are suitable for direct burial in underground trench, seawater immersion offshore, location on cable tray (vertical/horizontal) and underground rail tunnels where zero halogen specification is required.

Hazardous area cable joints are available from stock for both onshore and offshore cables in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry – suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive atmospheres where exposure to corrosive and flammable gases, vapours or mists would cause the degradation and premature failure of standard cable joints.

Pictured opposite is a heat shrink cable joint failure caused by the jointer not providing adequate connection of the earth continuity across a jointed shipwiring braided type cable. Consequently, hydrocarbons contaminated the cable via a pathway along the wire armours and eroded the cable sheath.

LV Cable Joints

Cold shrink, heat shrink and resin type cable joints suit the operating requirements for the jointing of LV cables in industrial, marine and offshore, oil and gas, substation and utilities, rail and electrical construction sectors where high quality and performance joints ensure the continued distribution of power supply to critical circuits.

Contact Thorne & Derrick to discuss your application – we can provide expert technical support and specification advice to ensure the correct supply of electrical LV cable joints to suit your requirement.

3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints

Resin Cable Joints – 3M Scotchcast Resin Joints Features & Benefits

Specialist Cable Joints

To meet the performance and specification requirements for planned maintenance, project installations and fault repair work, T&D can deliver from stock LV cable joints to suit:

  • Fire Resistant & FP Fire Performance Cables – Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting & Power BS7846
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables – LSZH, LSF, OHLS & ZHLS
  • Flexible & Trailing Cables – Protolon, Panzerflex & Mining
  • Utility Cables – Waveform, Mains & Service
  • Marine & Offshore Cables – BFOU RFOU IEC NEK606 (Mud Resistant)
  • Medium & High Voltage MV HV Cable Joints

Zero Halogen Heat Shrink Joints

In this training video excerpt the Jointer Trainer is shown using a gas torch to heat shrink tubes onto the cable cores and conductors of a rail power cable to complete a zero halogen cable joint. The cable joints utilise specialist zero halogen tubing with a low emission of toxic and corrosive gases approved by London Underground and Network Rail to establish cable joints in subsurface applications, such as tunnels.

The XLPE cable insulation has been stripped from the cable conductors and the cores cropped using ratchet cable cutters. Connectors have been installed using hydraulic crimping tools  – note the connector heat shrink insulation tubes are positioned centrally over the compression ferrules within the cable joint, where confined space is a limiting factor the cable connectors can be staggered to provide a more smooth profile joint to reduce footprint of the jointing kit.

London Underground & Network Rail Approved Cable Joints – PADS Listed 600/1000V Rail Cables (Power, Signal & Telecom)
Zero Halogen Cable Joints Heat Shrink
3M Cable Joints Cold Shrink

To assist with the installation of LV Cable Joints visit our online 3M Joints & Termination Video Library | Jointer Training Available

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