Surge Arresters - MV HV Medium Voltage & High Voltage 11kV 33kV 66kV

Surge Arresters - MV HV Medium Voltage & High Voltage 11kV 33kV 66kV

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Protection of MV & HV Electrical Power, Substation, Switchgear & Transformers

Thorne & Derrick distribute the complete range of ABB Medium &ABB Medium & High Voltage Surge Arresters (MV-HV) High Voltage Surge Arresters (MV-HV) for the protection of MV-HV Electrical Power Systems, typically operating at 11kV/33kV and up to 66kV.

ABB provides a full range of Medium Voltage Surge Arrester, Circuit Protection & Electrical Products including fuses for the utility, industrial and commercial customers with safe, reliable and smart technologies for the distribution of electricity, typically at LV and MV voltages (11kV 33kV up to 132kV).

The extensive ABB MV Products offering includes distribution automation products, circuit protection, switching, limiting, measuring and sensing devices, switchgear, joints and terminations, modular substation packages and related services for MV electrical power systems.

Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 type surge arresters are available in Metal Oxide or Polymeric material for the protection of MV HV networks and equipment from lightning and switching surge related overvoltages.


A Nexans Brand

Nexans Euromold

Nexans Euromold | A range of metaloxide varistor surge arresters for medium voltage power systems in an elbow configuration, designed to be used with the Euromold range of 480TB, 484TB and 489TB separable tee connectors manufactured by Nexans.

Nexans Euromold 11kV 33kV 66kV surge arresters are available for the protection of medium and high voltage electricity distribution systems including transformers, switchgear, cables and separable connectors from high voltage surges – see also 132kV surge arresters for EHV and grid applications requiring protection against lightning and switching overvoltage.Nexans Euromold 11kV 33kV 66kV Surge Arresters

Euromold 800SA Surge Arresters | a surge arrester (11kV 33kV 42kV) specified to protect MV HV cables terminated on Interface C type electrical equipment bushings into substations and connecting medium/high voltage cables.


A Pfisterer Brand

CONNEX surge arresters are used for the protection to metal-enclosed switchgears and transformers equipped with plug-in type bushings according to EN 50180 / 50181. The separable surge arrester is installed on the switchgear/transformer to prevent the intake and effects of unplanned high overvoltages.

The surge arrester limits particularly those overvoltages that are produced by the reflection of traveling waves. When using these surge arresters for switchgears/transformers connected to the transmission line via a cable route, it is necessary to protect the transition between the cable and the transmission line with suitable arresters. The capacity of protection is specially coordinated with the switchgear‘s resistance to surge voltages, considering at the same time the space arrangement and the level of electrical protection.

Surge Arresters Pfisterer Connex

MV-CONNEX Surge Arresters | The use of plug-in surge arresters makes it possible to save valuable mounting space and is possible not only with medium-voltage switchgears but also with transformers. As the surge arrester is attached to the transformer occurrence of electromagnetic oscillations can be eliminated. CONNEX surge arresters provide reliable electrical protection and ensure a significant contribution to the availability and reliability of system parts.

  • Entirely metal-enclosed, fully insulated and touch-proof
  • No arc base
  • High short-circuit strength
  • Maintenance free surge arresters
  • For outdoor use on MV power systems
  • Protection class IP66
  • Optical indication of surges

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MV HV Cable Accessories (Terminations Joints Connectors) & Electrical Safety Equipment

MV HV Cable Accessories (Terminations Joints Connectors) & Electrical Safety Equipment


Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from UK and European stock for the complete range of Surge Arresters & Medium Voltage Electrical Products – we distribute the most extensive range of LV HV Jointing, Earthing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt to the Power Transmission & Distribution industry in the onshore and offshore wind, solar, rail, oil/gas, data centre, battery storage and utility sectors. We service UK and international clients working on underground cables, overhead lines, substations and electrical construction at 11kV/33kV and up to EHV transmission and distribution voltages.