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Feeder Pillars

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➡ View below our complete range of Feeder Pillars including the Fortress range manufactured by Lucy Zodion.

The Lucy Zodion range of feeder pillar enclosures and cabinets are robust, durable and secure providing weatherproof and padlockable vandal resistant protection for external power distribution applications. 

Feeder pillars are available as standard empty enclosures or custom manufactured low voltage pre-wired electrical distribution equipment consisting of a robust galvanised steel pillar with vandal resistant lockable doors housing LV electrical switchgear and control systems.

Electrical power supply is provided to the feeder pillar from the end-users private distribution network or via a DNO cut-out.

Specialist application feeder pillars include retractable power distribution, DNO network service, customised and engineered fused electrical pillars. Bespoke solutions delivered complete with switchgear, control and internal equipment contained in the enclosure can be manufactured by our Engineering Design Team to suit your specific project requirement.

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Feeder Pillars

Standard Feeder Pillar Construction

  • 3mm or 5mm thick mild steel galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Galvanised and painted pillar variations for enhanced durability and weather protection for outdoor applications
  • Detachable root and detachable root sections
  • Plywood backboard made from 18mm exterior grade material
  • Anti-vandal hinges flush to feeder pillar and door
  • IP65 door seal rating (Slimline, Single & Double Door Fortress Pillars)
  • Locks fitted as standard (Tri-head or Wedge lock options)

Additional Information

  • BS or RAL paint colours available according to client specification
  • G2A paint finishes available for highway applications
  • Stainless steel construction (BS EN 10088-1)
  • Pre-wired services available upon request (Tested to BS7671)
  • External sockets can be supplied upon request
  • Cat-flaps and cable management option available
  • Wide selection of feeder pillar lock options available
Feeder Pillars

From the largest UK stocks T&D distribute the most extensive range of feeder pillars.

LV Feeder Pillars

Lucy Westminster Retractable Feeder Pillars

Westminster Feeder Pillar

Feeder Pillar Shells & Ranges

T&D supply both standard and bespoke feeder pillars in a selection of materials, paint finishes and dimensions to meet all indoor and exterior power distribution, control and lighting requirements up to 1,000 volts with IP65 door seal – this includes LV substation and network pillars with DNO supply cut-outs for utility applications.

The wide range of Lucy Zodion pillars include mini, slimline, single-door and double-door types available in galvanised mild and stainless steel.

Feeder pillars provide LV electrical power connections for single units to larger complex developments in residential and commercial sectors with small pillars for unmetered electricity supply including isolation unit, cable earthing blocks and CET gland to suit armoured cables (SWA) – larger metering pillars can be designed ready to install on site or supplied as empty enclosures for building and modifying by the contractor.

Single or 3 phase pillars with individual or group switching and fusegear options (RCBO, RCD, MCB) provide safety and reliability of power supply up to 1600amp current with high security vandal resistant locks.

LV pillars or free standing panel boards are supplied to the M&E building services, utility substation, rail, renewable energy and hazardous area industries. Highways pillars are typically used for traffic signals, CCTV, motorway communications, telecommunications and street lighting power, control and distribution.

  • Substations
  • Street Lighting
  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Car Park Lighting
  • Rail
  • Temporary Generator Power Hook Ups

Public & Street Lighting Supply Pillars

Hot-dip galvanised feeder pillars to the requirements of IEC60947 are available with HRC type fuses to control low voltage short circuits for 3 phase metered public lighting supply

Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars – when specifying a bespoke feeder pillar from pre-wired enclosures that are ready to install, to solutions that challenge convention to take a completely new form, we ensure your power distribution requirements are met.

LV Electrical Distribution Feeder Pillars

Here is a working example of a customised distribution pillar designed by Lucy Zodion working with Thorne & Derrick and the NHS (National Health Service) Trust in the UK – with IP65 protection for outdoor installation into concrete foundations the single and double door feeder pillars are designed to accept and terminate multi-core 3 & 4 core XLPE SWA LSF (or PVC) cables according to BS5467/BS6724. The low voltage electrical supply provided by the feeder pillar cabinets will enable the power distribution from the main LV switch panels and substations to the site electrical infrastructure.

Feeder Pillars

Here we have a further example of an pre-wired feeder pillar designed to provide electrical services (LVAC) for a new train care facility for Transpennine Express – the feeder pillar for outdoor location with IP65 ingress protection is constructed from 3mm thick galvanised steel with a detachable root section finished with coating of bitumen enriched paint. The backboard layout (treated exterior grade plywood) accommodates the 250A rated busbars with 3P+N switch disconnect and galvanised trunking to contain the incoming and outgoing armoured cables (BS5467 660V/1000V).

Feeder Pillars

Rail Feeder PillarsFeeder Pillars | Network Rail Approved

Network Rail approved GRP feeder pillars are non-conductive and available for permanent outdoor location in trackside or station installations eliminating risk of dangerous touch voltages in rail electrified areas. Corrosion resistant pillars can be equipped with PADS approved Network Rail equipment including:

  • DNO Service Heads
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Cut-Outs & Isolators
  • DC Immune RCD
  • Switchgear
  • CT Chamber & Meter

Pictured: Feeder Pillar Distribution Cabinet – here a size 30 (F30) pillar from the Lucy Fortress range (30/HDG/3) is shown with internal equipment (315A MEM Fuse Switch Disconnect) which would be mounted to an 18mm treated exterior grade plywood backboard – optional accessories including pillar heater, light, photocell and timed keyswitch.

The feeder pillars are double-door constructed using 3mm thick galvanised steel and two tri-head door locks for anti vandal protection – the pillar root section is detachable and finished with corrosion resistant bitumen enriched paint.

Feeder Pillars

Fortress Feeder Pillars

The Fortress range of feeder pillars manufactured by Lucy Zodion feature several innovative features with pillars available in a range of sizes (28), materials (galvanised steel, stainless steel, cast iron) and finishes with complete range of RAL colour options.

To prevent corrosion additional paint finishes (RAL and Highways G2A) are available with anti-vandal lock variants. The detachable feeder pillar roof enables replacement of the pillar backboard quick and simple by the electrical engineer and suitable to accommodate future power expansion of low voltage electricity distribution.

Enclosure ventilation can be controlled by the installation of anti-condensation heaters.

LV Feeder Pillar Distribution Electricity

Feeder Pillars Lucy Fortress

Westminster Feeder Pillars – Temporary Power Supply from the retractable pillar which is fully operational in 60 seconds and can be locked and folded flat, flush and discreetly when not in service.

Lucy Zodion Westminster In Ground Power Distribution Pillars

Lucy Zodion innovative in-ground Feeder Pillar features several functional benefits in an extremely robust structure. Power is accessible and readily available from the ground to socket in seconds and, once completely erected, the pillar tower is secure for prolonged outdoor use with an IP67 rating and galvanised steel outer protective casing.

When not required, the power pillar tower is simply folded away and discreetly secured in-ground with lock and key fastening.

The Westminster range can be equipped with earth leakage and overload protection devices to ensure high operator safety levels and is therefore ideal for supplying temporary power to markets, shopping centres and airports.

The pre-wired retractable type feeder pillars provide

  • Versatile the feeder pillar is suitable for use in a number of environments to meet various requirements, Westminster can not only provide power but data and metering information (optional extras).
  • Discreetwith a 50mm recess in the lid of every feeder pillar for surface matching, all products in the Westminster range discreetly blend into their surrounding environment with a flush top surface. This ensures sympathetic design, aiding city planning and assisting public access when not in use.
  • Robustmade from galvanised steel with stainless steel lock and hinges, the Westminster range of feeder pillars are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS7671 and BSEN 61439 with IP67 rating.
  • Safe – the flush top surface and adaptability for earth leakage ensures the Westminster range suitable for use in public environments.

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The Lucy Zodion Fortress Range Of Feeder Pillars

The following tables provide an overview of the complete ranges of Lucy Zodion Fortress feeder pillars – should you require technical support or customer service please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team.

Lucy Zodion Fortress Single Door Steel Feeder Pillars – Dimensions

Lucy Fortress feeder pillars with single-door available in 6 sizes in both mild and stainless steel:

Feeder Pillar Size Code 05 06 08 09 10 12
Height (H) Above Ground 791mm 636mm 836mm 1088mm 1194mm 1294mm
Root Section (R) 350mm 300mm 300mm 350mm 350mm 350mm
Width (W) 310mm 400mm 600mm 661mm 800mm 1100mm
Depth (D) 220mm 180mm 250mm 281mm 350mm 400mm
Door Opening Height (DH) 585mm 410mm 610mm 860mm 907mm 1007mm
Door Opening Width (DW) 200mm 300mm 500mm 550mm 700mm 1000mm
Working Depth (WD) 170mm 155mm 255mm 225mm 325mm 375mm
Backboard Size (WxH) 300 x 650mm 390 x 475mm 590 x 675mm 640 x 930mm 790 x 975mm 1080 x 1075mm
Weight (kg) (3mm thickness) 36kg 42.5kg 71.5kg 84kg 108kg 142kg
Stock Code (3mm Galv) THM0024653 THM0024656 THM0024658 THM0024664 THM0024666 THM0024668
Stock Code (3mm Painted Grey) THM0024655 THM0024657 THM0024663 2800212009 THM0024667 THM0024669

Feeder Pillar - Single Door

Lucy Zodion Fortress Double Door Steel Feeder Pillars Dimensions

Lucy Fortress feeder pillars with double-door available in 9 sizes in both mild and stainless steel:

Feeder Pillar Size Code 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30
Height (H) Above Ground 1300mm 1300mm 1300mm 1300mm 1600mm 1600mm 1600mm 1600mm 1600mm
Root Section (R) 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm 380mm
Width (W) 1250mm 1500mm 1750mm 2000mm 1250mm 1500mm 1750mm 2000mm 2250mm
Depth (D) 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm
Door Opening Height (DH) 980mm 980mm 980mm 980mm 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm
Door Opening Width (DW) 1148mm 1398mm 1648mm 1898mm 1148mm 1398mm 1648mm 1898mm 2148mm
Working Depth (WD) 375mm 375mm 375mm 375mm 375mm 375mm 375mm 375mm 375mm
Backboard Size (WxH) 1225 x 1085mm 1475 x 1085mm 1725 x 1085mm 1975 x 1085mm 1225 x 1385mm 1475 x 1385mm 1725 x 1385mm 1975 x 1385mm 2225 x 1385mm
Weight (kg) (3mm thickness) 176kg 202kg 234kg 266kg 201kg 231kg 269kg 305kg 343kg
Stock Code (3mm Galv) THM0024672 THM0024674 THM0024676 THM0024680 THM0024682 THM0024685 THM0024687 THM0024689 THM0024691
Stock Code (3mm Painted Grey) THM0024673 THM0024675 THM0024678 THM0024681 THM0024684 THM0024686 THM0024688 THM0024690 THM0024692

Feeder Pillars - Double Door

Lucy Zodion Fortress Mini Steel Feeder Pillars – Dimensions

Feeder Pillar Size Code 4810 4811 4812 4813 4814 4815 4816
Nominal Size in inches (WxD) 4×4 6×4 6×6 8×6 10×6 14×6 19×10
Height (H) Above Ground 785mm 785mm 785mm 785mm 785mm 985mm 1000mm
Root Section (R) 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Width (W) 113mm 163mm 163mm 213mm 265mm 365mm 503mm
Depth (D) 120mm 120mm 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm 250mm
Door Opening Height (DH) 510mm 510mm 510mm 510mm 510mm 710mm 800mm
Working Depth (WD) 85mm 85mm 130mm 130mm 130mm 130mm 199mm
Backboard Size (WxH) 90 x 500mm 140 x 500mm 140 x 500mm 190 x 500mm 240 x 500mm 345 x 700mm 480 x 780mm
Weight (kg) 11kg 14kg 16kg 19kg 22kg 32kg 47kg
 Stock Code (Galv) THM0025272 THM0025273 THM0027610 THM0025275 THM0025276 THM0025277 THM0025279

Feeder Pillars - Mini

Lucy Zodion Fortress Slimline Steel Feeder Pillars – Dimensions

 Feeder Pillar Size Code SL01 SL02 SL03 SL04 SL05 SL06
Height (H) Above Ground 800mm 950mm 1093mm 1100mm 1150mm 1150mm
Root Section (R) 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Width (W) 250mm 350mm 450mm 550mm 650mm 800mm
Depth (D) 160mm 235mm 260mm 275mm 300mm 325mm
Door Opening Height (DH) 590mm 740mm 740mm 840mm 940mm 940mm
Door Opening Width (DW) 149mm 249mm 349mm 449mm 549mm 699mm
Working Depth (WD) 106mm 181mm 206mm 221mm 246mm 271mm
Backboard Size (WxH) 240 x 765mm 340 x 915mm 440 x 915mm 540 x 1015mm 640 x 1115mm 790 x 1115mm
Weight (kg) (3mm thickness) 21kg 29kg 39kg 38kg 77kg 84kg
 Stock Code (3mm Galv) THM0011393 THM0011394 THM0011396 THM0011398 THM0011400 THM0011402

Feeder Pillars - Slimline

Feeder Pillars

Safe & Flexible Power – assembled pillars for LV commercial and industrial electrical distribution networks

Lucy Zodion Westminster Pillars

Lucy Westminster Retractable Underground Pillars – Discreet, concealed temporary “pop-up” power on demand

Feeder Pillar Cabinets For Low Voltage Power Distribution

Shown here is a typical electrical distribution pillar assembled to provide low voltage power to an Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charger – the 3 phase pillar is powered by the incoming DNO supply cable and connected via the cut-out and outgoing to the charger point via underground cable duct. All internal conductive components are bonded to earth and suitably rated RCD and MCB installed to protect the circuit during abnormal over load or fault conditions. Note, due to the presence of mains voltage electrical supply only qualified personnel should work on this type of equipment and wear appropriate PPE including arc flash protection clothing.

Electrical Feeder Pillars

Image: Siemens

Testing Feeder Pillars

The Lucy Zodion range of feeder pillars are tested in-house prior to despatch to ensure their pre-wired powered pillars are in working order in accordance with the clients specification and requirements.

Note: All feeder pillars may contain accessible live electrical equipment or parts even when the Lucy Zodion pillars are de-energised or disconnected – these can include DNO power supply and secondary power supply (generator or UPS).

Feeder Pillars

Earth Free Test Unit For Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars

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