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Cubis Cable Protection

Cable Protection

Protecting Cables

The Cubis CABLEprotect range is central to the integrated system approach to cable protection and chamber access.

Incredibly strong yet lightweight, these modern protection systems are the best and most cost-effective alternative to traditional cable ducting methods on the global market today.

Cubis’ cable protection systems MULTIduct™, PROtrough, RAILduct™ and MM RAILduct™ offer innovative, lightweight, secure cable protection systems that have been used worldwide in a range of sectors and applications for protecting LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) power networks.

Cubis’ cable protection systems comprise of 1 metre long units that connect together allowing for rotation in the units to deal with tight turns, elevations, natural curvature and other obstacles.

Due to their light weight properties Cubis’ cable protection systems offer significant health and safety advantages over traditional systems.

Cable Protection

Cable Protection | cable protection systems are highly suitable for high and low voltage cable jointing, above-ground electrical feeder pillars, drawpit chambers and overhead line warning systems.

Cable Protection for Trackside Rail Cable Routes

Cubis’ Network Rail PADS approved buried cable route system has been designed and developed to offer a modern alternative to traditional
concrete trough methods for burying trackside cabling offering enhanced security to telecommunications, power and signalling networks.

Providing seamless integration between Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ chamber access and MULTIduct cable protection, the buried cable route system delivers reduced track possession times through easier and safer installation, assembly of system and improved build quality.

Network Rail PADS Approved Products
PA05/00635 | Under Track Crossing and Buried Cable Routes
PA05/02301 | Fixed Telecom Networks
PA05/04067 | Drainage Catch Pit

Network Rail Supplier

Network Rail PADS Approved Cable Protection & Access Chambers

See the full range of Cable Protection Systems below – consult underground cable covers to browse the complete range of medium/high voltage cable protection for trenched 11kV/33kV networks.