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Access Chambers

STAKKAbox Chambers

STAKKAbox access chambers manufactured by Cubis are a range of modular, structural and sectional preformed access chambers manufactured from modern technology polymer materials – STAKKAbox chambers provide significant advantages compared to conventional brick built access chambers. The chambers are lightweight but durable and deliver impressive labour productivity gains, time saving benefits and associated cost reductions to the installation contractor.

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Types Of STAKKAbox Access ChamStakkabox Sectional Access Chambersbers


Sectional Access Chambers use individual STAKKAbox sections, which are stacked to offer flexibility and required chamber depth. Each ring section interlocks with the units above and below. Manual lifting of this chamber is safe due to the lightweight properties of each section.

Stakkabox Modular Access Chambers


There are a variety of options for clear openings of chambers. Access chamber sections are available in ‘solid rings’ or as part of a system of modular component parts.

Stakkabox Structural Access Chambers


Structural access chamber use twin walled STAKKAbox™ sections to provide a strong, yet lightweight product. Complete assembled chambers feature horizontal and vertical ribs to allow for efficient loading.

Should you require any STAKKAbox technical, specification or commercial support please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements. See our range of STAKKAbox access chambers below.