Cable Duct

Cable Duct

LV MV HV | 600/100 Volts 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV Cable Ducting

Polypipe and Emtelle cable duct and underground cable protection range of products are independently certified to British and European Standards and are used extensively for LV, MV & HV substation, highways, housing developments, commercial, retail and industrial infrastructure applications – including a full range of cable protection duct for medium/high voltage cables operating at 11kV/33kV and 66kV/132kV.

T&D also distribute cable lubricants to assist with low friction cable pulling of power, telecoms and fibre optic cables into underground cable duct.

➡ View the complete range of Cable Duct to provide underground cable protection of low, medium and high voltage power cables (LV MV HV) including 11kV and 33kV cable ducting.

  • LV MV HV Power Cable Duct (11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV Cables)
  • General Purpose Power Cable Ducting (BBA or ENATS Non-Compliant)
  • Utilities Cable Duct (NJUG National Joint Utilities Group)
  • Cable TV Duct (Telecommunications – Green)
  • Street Lighting Cable Duct (Orange)
  • Motorway Communications Cable Duct (Highways Agency Approved – Purple)
  • Gas Pipe Ducting (Yellow Gas Utility Coils – Yellow)
  • Fibre Optic Cable Ducts
  • See also Duct Seals For Cable Sealing Of Duct Entries To Substations & Buildings

T&D Distribute Polypipe Cable Duct | LV MV HV Protection

Installing Cable Duct

Cables should be installed into ducts that are sized suitable to accommodate the cable diameters and before a cable is installed all cable duct should be checked and cleared of obstructions. To ensure that the duct is suitable for the type of cable to be installed UKPN (UK Power Networks, a UK DNO) recommend a 3 metre length of the LV-HV cable to be installed shall be pulled through the complete length of the cable duct. The duct should then be examined for damage before proceeding to pull and install the complete cable length.

If the sample of cable is found to have deep scores and tears in its cable outer sheath, which are more than half the thickness of the outer sheath, the cable duct route shall be repaired before any attempt is made to install the final length of cable.

Cable Duct

HV Cable Duct – the 132kV, 33kV and 11kV cables are carried inside 160mm Emtelle Class 1 Power-Protect+ ducts to ENATS 12-24 (2008).

HV Cable Duct 11kv 33kV

Polypipe Ridgiduct Power HV provides a stiff but flexible LV-HV cable protection system – the cable duct, manufactured by Polypipe, is fully compliant with Class 1 specification and available in duct diameter sizes 100mm, 125mm and 150mm with a black outer and red inner duct wall as standard – full range of  cable duct seals are available compatible with sealing LV/medium/high voltage cable ducts entering 11kV-33kV substations.

11kV 33kV Cable Duct

Power Cable Ducts – protective ducting for underground LV, MV & HV cables

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