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Protecting LV MV HV Cables – 11kV 33kV Cable Covers, Tiles & Tapes Using Tapetile & Stokbord

Protecting Cables

Cable protection covers, tapetiles and underground warning tapes are installed over LV, MV and HV power cables in trench and ducted cable installations with high visibility colour providing a visual warning of danger when excavating cables. 11kV and 33kV cable protection tapes (Tapetile and Stokbord covers) are manufactured from heavy duty plastic for reliable protection.

Tape Tile

Cable warning and protection rolls (Tape Tile) is rolled out into the cable trench for quick and easy protection of LV HV cables up to 11kV, street lighting, telecoms and fibre optic cables – Tape Tile is also suitable for underground gas and water pipe protection.

  • Electric: Red/brown background with yellow/tape/black lettering
  • Fibre Optic: Green background with black lettering
  • Gas: Yellow background with black lettering
  • Water: Blue background with black lettering

Custom printed underground cable warning Tape Tile for low and high voltage electrical cable protection is available to all DNO specifications.




Cable warning and protection covers (Stokbord) are heavy duty protection covers designed to withstand damage and protect HV cables from digging plant, excavation equipment and hand tools – suitable for underground high voltage cable protection (22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and up to 400kV).

Stokbord cable covers are fully jointed, laid overlapped and connected with plastic jointing pegs to provide safe high voltage underground cable protection.  Stokbord covers feature a red blackground with yellow top tape containing visible warning “Caution Electric Cable Below”.

Stokbord cable covers meet BS2482 impact requirements for underground cable cover protection.

Underground protective covers are used to provide a clear and effective visual warning to the presence of LV-HV underground cables, cable ducting or high voltage cable joints.

All underground cables and cable ducts should be protected from damage by a cable protection tape (Tapetile) or cover (Stokbord) – generally the utility specifies the cable protection to be installed over the underground LV, ,MV & HV cables as indicated in trench drawings and this varies according to the distribution network operator (DNO). Cable protection tiles should be Approved and marked in accordance with EATS 12- 23.



11kV 33kv Cable Protection

Location of Tapetile & Cable Protection Covers

For instance UKPN, a UK DNO, recommend approved cable warning tapes shall be installed 200mm above all low voltage cables and joints. Approved cable marker tapes shall be installed 250mm above all 11kV cables and joints – where an 11kV cable is installed directly below another cable, the protection tape shall be installed immediately below the higher cable. Approved cable covers, such as Stokbord, shall be installed 75mm above all 33kV cables and 33kV joints. Where existing warning tapes or covers on any LV-HV cable are disturbed or removed during excavation, the cable protection shall be replaced or renewed as appropriate.

  • Underground Cable Warning Tapes – LV 600/1000 Volts
  • Tapetile Cable Covers – 11kV MV Medium Voltage Cables
  • Stokbord Cable Covers – 33kV 66kV 132kV HV High Voltage Cables

Damage to underground electrical cables cause fatal or severe injury and in the UK law stipulates that adequate cable protection precautions must be taken to avoid danger.

"the effect of an HV cable strike on the human body could be described as having your internal organs cooked from the inside-out." - SP Energy Networks (UK DNO).


Pictured, the aftermath of an 11kV cable strike – an excavator came into contact with a high voltage cable (11,000 volts). The operatives on site had been supplied with cable records and proceeded to excavate the required spoil from around the cables in a safe manner (according HSG47) ready for the cables to be jointed. An overnight rain storm filled the excavation with water and the cable strike occurred when the excavator was used in an attempt to remove the excess water with the excavator bucket.

HV Cable 11kV 33kV Covers

Cable Covers 11kV 33kV HV - Stokbord Tapetile

Avoiding cable damage to LV HV (11kV 33kV) requires correct specification of cable protection covers, tapes or tiles.

  1. 4 Core Waveform LV low voltage underground cable strike with excavator
  2. Power cable strike by mini-excavator without prior hand excavating or location of underground cable services
  3. Live service cable damaged at lead branch joint during street lighting cable duct

Should you require technical support about selecting correct and suitable LV-HV cable protection tiles, covers or tapes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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