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➡ View the complete range of Earthing & Lightning Protection products below – this includes bare and covered copper earth tapes to provide effective earthing protection to LV, MV & HV substations, buildings and electrical infrastructure supported by a complete range of earthing system products such as earth rods, plates and lattice or solid type copper earth mats.

Earth Bars

Earth Bar Links

Disconnecting Links

Earth bars manufactured from copper with single or twin disconnecting links and multiple earthing points up to 30 way are available from stock – tinned copper versions available for high corrosion atmospheres. Customised bars and earth bosses made from copper or stainless steel can be designed to suit project applications to provide a common earth connection point for buildings and steel structures.

  • 6 to 30 Way Termination Earth Bars
  • Custom Switchroom Earth Bars
  • With Single, Twin or No Disconnection Links

Disconnecting links (pictured) are mainly used to offer a temporary break or isolation point in the earth connection permitting testing of an earth rod whilst disconnecting from the overall lightning protection system.

Earth Bars Copper

Earth Bars

Earth bars are made from high conductivity 50 x 6mm hard drawn copper bar with M10 stud fittings for cable lug termination or earth tape connection – suitable for mounting to wall, switchgear or electrical equipment via countersunk wood screws.

Earth Tapes

The conductor is the essential component of an ELP (Earthing & Lightning Protection) system – the flat tape system is commonly specified internationally utilising copper, aluminium or PVC covered earthing tapes. Selection considerations:

  • Environmental Conditions – earth tape conductor must withstand installation application with respect to corrosion, temperature, UV, aesthetic and structural factors.
  • Fault Current Capacities – earth tapes should have sufficient cross-sectional area (CSA copper or aluminium) to enable carrying of any fault current (kA) for a specified time duration.

Standard bare copper tapes are manufactured according to BSEN 13601  – annealed with radiused edges the earthing tapes are available with fault current ratings from 18.75sqmm – 400sqmm depending on the width/height configuration of the tape with conductor ratings based on BS7430 (Code of Practice for Protective Earthing of Electrical Installations).

Copper tapes can be supplied custom marked or printed with UK DNO, client or utility logo for identification purposes.

Copperbond Earth Rods – 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ nominal diameter copper rods for low earth resistance. High tensile strength rods – 99.95% pure copper applied and molecularly bonded to steel core (0.25mm thick copper coating).

Solid Copper Earth Rods – 15mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm shank diameter with excellent corrosion resistance. Made from solid copper bar with M10 threads and optional lengths. Insert earth rod into bore hole and backfill using Bentonite compound.

Tinned Solid Copper Earth Rods – used where extremely high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long life are required. Made from solid copper bar and are internally threaded for jointing of rods.

Stainless Steel Earth Rods – prevent galvanic and standard corrosion with 16mm, 20mm and 25mm shank diameter. M10 thread sizes with optional lengths for deep driving into all ground/soil conditions

Galvanised Steel Earth Rod Set – with male thread at the top and a female thread at the bottom enabling steel earthing rods to be jointed. Galvanised steel rods with zinc coating – 5/8″ diameter and 1200mm length.

Earth Rod Driving Heads – complete range of driving heads to enable manual or power hammer installation of all types of copper earth rods.

Earth Rod Driving Spikes – complete range of driving spikes to enable installation of all types of copper earth rods. Spikes are internally threaded to direct screw onto the earth rod.

Copper Earthing Products

Importance Of Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems – the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, being hit by a lightning bolt. Images: Caters News Agency.

How Can We Help?

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are specialist distributors and stockists of Copper Earthing Products – technical support services include LV MV HV earthing designs for electrical power systems and substations.

Contact us for the competitive supply of earthing products from extensive UK stocks for national and overseas delivery.

We support the following sectors:

  • Electricity Transmission & Distribution Network Operators
  • Electricity Generation, Power Stations & Overhead Line Towers
  • Medium Voltage Substations 11kV 33kV
  • High Voltage Substations 66kV 132kV
  • Rail Traction Substations 25kV
  • Renewable Power (Solar & Wind Energy Earthing Systems)
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Production Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Centres Earthing & Lightning Protection
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