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Thorne & Derrick distribute Cembre and Klauke ranges of cable tools with hydraulic, battery powered, mechanical and manual type cutting and crimping tools.

Cable cutting tools to suit LV-HV cables with copper or aluminium conductors, steel wire armoured (SWA) / braided cables with lead sheath and insulation types including XLPE, EPR and paper types – commonly used to cut armoured LV cables and medium/high voltage power cables 11kV-33kV, single and 3 core type.

Cable crimping tools using hydraulic or battery operated to crimp conductors 1.5sqmm-1000sqmm suit aluminium and copper conductors with sector shaped, stranded or solid cores.

Cembre TC120

Cembre TC120 – cable cutting tools is the indsutry standard used by jointers for cutting all types of SWA cables LV-HV

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Klauke Tools

Klauke Cable Cutting & Crimping Tools – contact us for further information

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