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Published 30 Jun 2020

Substations MV HV

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Substations – What’s The Risk?


Explosive Flammable Gases/Vapours 

UK DNO’s detail safe working procedures and rules in their Document Manuals to be followed when working on alkaline or acid substation batteries and storage rooms located within primary network medium/high voltage substations (MV HV).

Lead-acid type batteries release potentially explosive hydrogen gas.


Consequently, these worksite locations are classified as hazardous area Zones according to the ATEX Directive – a “hazardous area” is defined as an area in which the atmosphere contains, or may contain in sufficient quantities, flammable or explosive gases, dusts or vapours. The Zone designation depends on the level of risk and likelihood of flammable gas, vapour or mist forming during normal operation.

ATEX is an abbreviation of “Atmospheres Explosibles” and is a set of European Union regulations that are designed to ensure the safety of electrical products being used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Thorne & Derrick, Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres, provide Zone 1/Zone 2 (Flammable Gas) ATEX Compliant electrical equipment for installation in substations and battery rooms to provide heating, lighting and power distribution.

Substation ATEX Electrical Equipment

HEAT * LIGHT * POWER | Substation ATEX Electrical Equipment


The Danger Zones ATEX

The main Dangers to Persons carrying out work or testing on batteries and chargers are electric shock, explosion or burns arising from the ignition of flammable gas which is emitted by cells during the charging process.

Flammable gas can be ignited by naked flames (eg “hot-working” by cable jointers), cigarettes or by sparks if cell terminals are accidentally earthed or shorted together.

This short-circuiting releases dangerous levels of heat, light and arc energy.

Consequently, electrical equipment installed in MV HV substation battery rooms should be Zone 1 or Zone 2 certified according to ATEX Directive for safe installation in such potentially explosive atmospheres.

♦ Primary Network Substation: a 132kV, 66kV, 33kV or 25kV substation including directly associated 66kV, 33kV, 25kV, 11kV and 6.6kV switchboards at transformer stations (Definition: WPD Engineering Specification EE Spec 25/5).

ATEX Electrical Equipment

Making Hazardous Area’s Safe

How We Can Help?

Thorne & Derrick, Specialist UK Distributors of LV MV HV Jointing, Earthing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt provide expert technical specification, customer support and product supply from stock of an extensive range of Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment including:

♦ Lighting – T&D can provide lighting designs to ensure lux levels are achieved in line with regulations, fittings are located correctly and meet certification requirements – we provide a comprehensive hazardous area lighting system design service.

♦ Heating – T&D can provide room heat loss calculations to ensure the correct heaters are specified and meet ATEX certification requirements to provide adequate comfort heating to the substation.

  • Raytec | ATEX Lighting (LED & Emergency Fittings)
  • ATX Appleton | Lighting (LED & Emergency Fittings ) Flameproof Plugs & Sockets
  • Abtech | Junction Boxes & Enclosures (EX Certified)
  • Craig & Derricott | Isolators (Switch Disconnectors)
  • EXHEAT | Space Heaters & Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Marechal | Plug & Sockets (EX Certified)
  • Crowcon | Gas Detectors (Hydrogen & Oxygen)
  • Technor | Enclosures & Control Equipment (EX Certified & Flameproof)
  • Roxtec | Cable Transits & Sealing Systems
  • CMP | Flameproof & Hazardous Area Cable Glands
  • Dynaco | ATEX Doors
  • Safety Showers & Eyewash Stations
  • Spill Bunds & Containment
  • Joints & Terminations | 3M Electrical, PFISTERER CONNEX, Nexans Euromold, Prysmian
3M Nexans Pfisterer

Extensive Stocks | Competitive Prices | HV Joints Terminations Connectors for GIS

Lighting Design & Specification Services

Hazardous Area Lighting Design Services

The SPARTAN range of ATEX Certified lighting manufactured by Raytec is designed for lighting hazardous areas which require high performance, high reliability, energy-efficient brilliant “White-Light” illumination using latest LED technology.

Lighting Designs for Hazardous Area Locations & Substations


Thorne & Derrick

T&D are Specialist Distributors to UK Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s), NERS Registered Service Providers, ICP’s and HV Jointing Contractors of an extensive range of LV, MV & HV Jointing, Earthing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt – this includes 11kV/33kV/66kV joints, terminations and connectors for both DNO and private network applications.

Contact our UK Power Team for competitive quotations, fast delivery from stock and technical support or training on all LV-HV products.

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