BundGuards | Substation & Transformer Oil Spills & Leaks Containment

Published 03 Jul 2020

Bundguards | Substation & Transformer Oil Spills & Leaks Containment

BundGuards | Substation & Transformer Oil Spills & Leaks Containment


Substation & Transformer Oil Spills & Leaks Containment

The Andel BundGuard system was first conceived and developed in 1992 as a direct response to the needs of the UK electricity industry and the serious water-removal problems it faced at sub-station sites across the UK.

Since then many thousands of BundGuard units have been installed nationwide, protecting customer assets, site operators and the environment.

To be compliant with current regulations, all above-ground oil storage tanks that contain more than 200 litres of oil, must have secondary containment or a ‘bund’ to contain oil leaks and spills.

Most bunds are exposed to the elements and consequently are likely to collect and fill with rainwater. As a bund fills with water, the containment capacity is reduced and the risk of oil escaping by overtopping the bund wall in the event of tank failure is greatly increased.

It is therefore essential that robust measures are put in place to extract rainwater from exposed bunds.

Andel BundGuard is a cost-effective, self-contained and easy-to-fit automatic pump and alarm unit that is installed within a bund and works continuously and automatically 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Using advanced circuitry and micro-controller technology, the BundGuard system discriminates between oil and water, keeping oil contained and expelling water from the containment area.


Large oil storage tanks and equipment such as electricity transformers may contain several thousand litres of oil and are also likely to be open to the elements. The bund will gradually collect rainwater and in time, the holding capacity of the bund can be significantly reduced.

As oil floats on water, once the capacity drops below 100% there is a risk of oil overflowing over the bund wall in the event of tank failure.

Thorne & Derrick can supply an extensive range of standard and customised Bundguards for the protection of medium/high voltage substations.



Andel’s BundGuard is a cost-effective, self-contained and easy to fit automatic pump and alarm unit which monitors and works around the clock.

The BundGuard system uses advanced circuitry and micro control technology to keep oil within the container and expel water from the containment area.

The BundGuard has a robust stainless steel pump and sensor unit located within the sump. The control unit activates the pump as required to remove only clean water safe to foul sewer or interceptor depending on the sites circumstances.

Andel’s BundGuard system has a number of failsafe systems in place and a range of visual and relay alarm outputs to ensure safety and allow for communication to remote monitoring systems.

The PPL BundGuard removes the need for regularly emptying the bund by waste contractors thereby reducing costs, the environmental impact and carbon footprint.


Technical Specification

Control Panel
Power 110/230 VAC, 440W (Total including pump)
Construction Stainless steel, IP66
Dimensions 320mm x 260mm x 120mmHeight x Width x Depth
Indicators LEDs: Mains SupplyPump ActiveHigh Water AlarmHigh Oil AlarmPump Disable
LCD: Pump Operation Counter
Outputs Mains Fail, High Water, High Oil, Pump Disable rated at;10A at 230VAC (AC1)0.1A at 220VDC (DC1)
Fixing Wall/Surface Mount via External Fixing Lugs
Sensor Unit
Power & Voltage Nominal
Construction Stainless Steel, Immersion Proof
Dimensions 570mm x 180mm x 70mmHeight x Width x Depth
Fixing Free Standing in Base of Sump
Power & Voltage 230 VAC (110 VAC optional)
Construction Stainless Steel
Dimensions 250mm x 160mmHeight x Width
Safety Thermal Trip; Self Reset
Flow Rate 110 litres per minute at 2-3 metre head
Fixing Part of the sensor unit

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