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Published 05 Sep 2019


What’s the value of quality to you?

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Date: Wednesday, 23rd October 2019
Time: 10:00-15.30
Location: L34, Randles Rd, Knowsley, Prescot L34 9HX

Cable Quality is often overlooked when building specification decisions are made, which can result in costly damage and potential loss of life.

BASEC has been in the business of independently testing and certifying cable products and their manufacturing facilities, to internationally recognised standards, for over 45 years.

With a rigorous programme of auditing, inspection and testing their goal is to ensure the cable you specify, source and install is compliant, safe and fit-for-purpose.

The Cable Quality Seminar is designed for anyone and everyone who is working to deliver projects which include cable installations.

Understanding the implications of poor-quality cable and increased awareness of independent cable verification is paramount to your project’s success.

Join us at Tratos to learn how BASEC, recognised instantly in the worldwide cable industry, can help you to be compliant.

Do not miss your opportunity to build your awareness of cable quality.

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  • 10:00 – Registration
  • 10:30 – The value of independently verified cable
  • 11:00 – BASEC introduction and technical capability
  • 12.15 – Lunch
  • 13.30 – Tratos Laboratory Tour
  • 15.30 – Close
BASEC Cable Quality Seminar

BASEC Cable Quality Seminar

The British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) is a recognised sign of assurance of independent cable testing and approval. As an independent body, BASEC has for nearly 40 years been a mark of reassurance to those specifying cable.

About Tratos

Tratos is a cable manufacturer, leader in Electrical, Electronic and Fibre Optic cable technology.

  • LV Low Voltage Cables – Energy
  • MV Medium Voltage Cables – Energy
  • HV High Voltage Cables – Energy
  • Fire Resistant Cables
  • High Temperature Cables
  • Marine Cables
  • Mining & Tunneling Cables
  • Oil & Gas Cables
  • Overhead Conductor Cables
  • Reeling Cables
  • Submarine Cables & Umbilicals

Tratos serves worldwide markets, creating bespoke solutions where necessary and manufacturing to an exceptionally high standard.

For 50 years Tratos major clients have included electrical contracting and manufacturing organisations and electricity distributors all over the world.

Working with them has resulted in the most comprehensive range of cables for all their clients.

News: Tratos is the first to achieve BASEC approval for medium voltage cables.


Thorne & Derrick

Thorne & Derrick are national distributors of LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation & Electrical Equipment – servicing businesses involved in cabling, jointing, substation, earthing, overhead line and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and EHV. Supplying a complete range of power cable accessories to support the installation and maintenance of low/medium and high voltage voltage power systems:

  • Slip-on Cable Terminations
  • Cold-shrink Cable Terminations
  • Heat-shrink Cable Terminations
  • Cable Joints – Heat & Cold-shrink
  • Separable Connectors (Euromold)
  • Surge Arresters & Switchgear/Transformer Bushings

Key Product Categories: Duct Seals | Cable Cleats | Cable Glands | Electrical Safety | Arc Flash Protection | Cable Jointing Tools | Cable Pulling | Earthing | Feeder Pillars | Cable Joints LV | Joints & Terminations MV 

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