Internal Promotion | Natalie Lundie Supply Chain (Marketing Lead)

Published 08 Nov 2019

Natalie Lundie

Press Release


uploaded by Chris Dodds

Sales & Marketing Manager


Specialist Distributors of LV MV HV Jointing, Earthing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt

Thorne & Derrick

Today, it is with great pleasure that I am announcing the promotion of Natalie Lundie to Supply Chain (Marketing Lead) at Thorne & Derrick International.

Natalie has been with Thorne & Derrick for close to 7 years in her Social Media & Marketing Support role demonstrating dedication and combining commitment with outstanding success.

Over these years Natalie has achieved and maintained an exceptional personal performance – she has supported the development of our online presence by undertaking transformative work in the fields of UK and international search engine optimisation, social media strategy and digital marketing campaigns.

Natalie’s personal knowledge of and expertise in internet marketing has made an enduring and positive contribution to the business development of Thorne & Derrick.

Now as Marketing Lead of our Supply Chain, Natalie accepts the lead role and responsibility for maximising the potential business value of existing supplier relationships to both parties advantage.

Natalie will be contacting and meeting our suppliers to discuss joint marketing initiatives to increase our sales together through the attainment of agreed targets – this mutual business development effort will embrace SEO, social and digital opportunities to accelerate sales.

Strategy planning for 2020 is now underway.

We encourage all current and any prospective suppliers to contact Natalie to discuss engagement in partnership marketing with Thorne & Derrick.

Natalie will be supported by myself and our Marketing Team to develop and deliver content marketing strategies and lead generation campaigns that get results for us and for our suppliers – talk today to Natalie on 0191 410 4292.

Let us all congratulate Natalie on this well deserved promotion and wish her continued success with Thorne & Derrick.

Thorne & Derrick

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