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Franklin Electric - Circuit Breaker Monitoring and Utility Grid Solutions

Circuit Breaker Monitoring and Utility Grid Solutions

Suppliers of Grid Solutions and Utility Grid Monitoring, Franklin Electric has evolved from the comprised INCON, GridSense and Midtronics Stationary Power.

Franklin Electric is now the leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent monitoring equipment. Grid Solutions products include intelligent electronic devices that are designed for online monitoring for the power utility, hydroelectric, and industrial markets – a complete range of MV HV circuit breaker monitoring products are available ensuring uptime, thus considerably reducing the risk and cost that follows power grid downtime.

Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Reducing Power Grid Downtime

Franklin Electric Grid Solutions work to provide the expertise to reduce the risks of power grid downtime.

If the power grid were to go down, lives could be lost. Industries such as Power Utilities, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Data Centres rely on uninterruptible power. High-risk scenarios can be avoided when critical power solutions are in place.

As complex as the power grid can be, critical power battery backup systems utilised to maintain emergency power integrity are just as complex. Testing and monitoring the power grid and its batteries allows for the ability to identify issues in advance and provide proactive solutions. With innovative products, Franklin Electric Grid Solutions ensure power grid uptime.

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Utility Grid Monitoring Solutions

Franklin Electric Incon Optimizer 2

Utility Grid Monitors | Franklin Electric Incon Optimizer 2

Franklin Electric’s Celltron, Cellguard, INCON and Gridsense branded products include intelligent electronic devices that serve the Power Utility, Telecommunications, Data Centre and Industrial Critical Power markets.

Franklin Electric provides a range of utility grid solutions including circuit breaker monitors and load tap changers. Circuit breaker monitors including the Incon Optimizer 2 and the Incon Optimizer 3 feature award-winning SF6 gas monitoring technology.

From handheld battery testers to fully automated battery monitoring solutions. Along with hardware, Franklin Electric provides software to bring the total solution together. Franklin Electric can take battery test data from handheld battery testers and/or battery monitoring systems and provide automatic analysis of test data, alarming and data retention to ensure your critical power systems can perform when called upon and stay compliant.

Franklin Electric provides the needed hardware to help meet each customer’s NERC PRC-005-6 battery maintenance plan.

History Of Franklin Electric

Success and longevity has been built upon a promise to deliver five Key Factors for Success:

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