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The Optimizer 2, from Incon by Franklin Electric, uses patented technology to continuously monitor in-service circuit breaker performance and SF6 gas density. With this HV Circuit Breaker Monitor, SF6 gas emissions due to leakage are totalised and reported.

There are many applications for the Optimizer 2, including high voltage circuit breakers, generators, transmission, distribution and circuit switchers.

What is SF6 gas?

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is an incombustible gas and is nontoxic. However, SF6 is a highly potent greenhouse gas with the warming potential 23,900 times greater than CO2. Rapid suffocation can also be caused. Sulfa hexafluoride is mainly used as insulation in electrical transmittance systems and electrical distribution devices. Find out more about SF6 Gas.

Franklin Electric Incon Optimizer 2 Circuit Breaker Monitor

Incon Optimizer 2 Circuit Breaker Monitor

Franklin Electric Circuit Monitor

Incon Optimizer 2 Features And Capabilities

  • Accurately times arc duration, trip, close, & clearing
  • Reports days since last operation
  • Monitors phase-segregated line current during interruption to gauge contact life
  • Detects restrikes
  • Gives precise time, in days, until breaker will lock-out on low gas alarm
  • Up to three SF6 density sensors may be used with a single Optimizer 2
  • Totalises mass of SF6 lost to atmosphere for breaker lifetime
  • Useful in EPA reporting
  • May be installed temporarily, as-needed, on problem breakers for diagnosis
  • .xlsx file exported performance metrics for detailed review
  • Provides IEEE function 49, -40 °C definite temperature lockout
  • Powered from AC or Station Battery
  • Accurate for 50 or 60 Hz Power Systems
  • Secure TCP/IP – HTTPS Digital Signing Encryption Layers
  • Auto-resets alarms after a gas fill operation, no user interaction required
  • Fast Installation – field retrofit in less than two hours
  • Fast Functions – Using the USB port and a memory stick, in seconds, the user may:
    • Clone any Optimizer 2 to Batch Program multiple Optimizer 2 units for a specific breaker type
    • Retrieve breaker performance history data
    • Reset parameters after a breaker service or rebuild
  • 16 user-defined PdM alarms
  • Remote communication using DNP 3.0 via Ethernet TCP/IP or RS485

Franklin Electric Circuit Monitor Optimiser 2

BENEFITS of the Optimizer 2

  • Every breaker operation is examined
  • Logs in-service performance metrics
  • Reduces need for off-line time/travel testing of circuit breakers
  • Displays SF6 Density & Contact life remaining in simple RED, YELLOW, GREEN
  • N format
  • No moving parts, reliable in temperature extremes, eliminates nuisance alarms
  • Provides IEEE function 63, low gas alarm lockout
  • Reports fault operations and switching operations separately
  • Forecasts SF6 refill deadline for use as a maintenance planning driver
  • Total unit cost can be recouped by avoiding emergency gas service calls
  • Integrates using SmartGrid DNP 3.0 Communication
  • No PC software to maintain, only a Web browser is needed
  • Provides “distributed intelligence” that remains attached to the breaker, not buried in a central processing location. It operates as a Web Server, making it independent of future Microsoft OS changes.
  • Provides leading indicators of insipient breaker failure. Breaker failure relay schemes can only provide lagging indicators – once the breaker fails, it’s too late.







Model OM2D Circuit Breaker Monitor with SF6 Density


Nominal Input Voltage: 110 to 370V DC or 85 to 264 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Dissipation:

15 W maximum

VA Burden @ 20% Full Scale: 0.1 VA
Continuous Input Current: CT Full Scale Rating
Full-Scale Peak Current:

CT Full Scale Rating

Ranges: 0-20, -30, -50, -100, -160, -250, -400, -800 Amps

± 1% of Full Scale

Auxiliary Control Signal: 48 to 250 Volts DC
Input Resistance:

500K Ohms

Event Duration: 10 Cycles Nominal
Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz Programmable
Sampling Rate Per Phase:

32 times per line cycle

Sensor Type: “True Density” or Temperature-Compensated Pressure
Sensor Signal: 4-20 mA Analog or Digital
Sensor Power: 20 VDC (Provided)
Measurement Range: 0-60 Grams/Liter, (-50 to 80 °C)
Sampling Rate:

Once per second

2 each, Form C: 3A at 250 VAC or 30 VDC
1 each, Form-A:

3A at 250 VAC or 30 VDC

CT Input Phase to Enclosure: 1500 Vrms
CT Input Phase to Enclosure: 2500 Vrms
Auxiliary Input to Enclosure: 1500 Vrms
Relay Contacts to Enclosure:

1500 Vrms


IEEE 472-1972 & ANSI C37.90a

LED Panel Indicators: Power, Breaker Position, Alarms, Contact Life Remaining, Gas Density
Computer Ports: RS-232, RS-485 Full Duplex, Ethernet, USBDNP 3.0, IEC61850

Temperature: -40 to 150 °F (-40 to 65 °C)

85% non-condensing, maximum

Shipping Weight: 2.63 kg (5.80 lbs)
Dimensions: 22.1L x 14.3W x 7.62H cm (8.69L x 5.63W x 3.00H in.)

Mounting Weight:


1.80 kg (3.95 lbs.)