Martindale CABLOK Series Adjustable Cable Lockouts

Martindale CABLOK Series Adjustable Cable Lockouts

Martindale CABLOK Series Adjustable Cable Lockouts

martindale cablok series

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Martindale CABLOK series has been designed for use when locking off multiple breakers, switches or valves to prevent the re-energisation of circuits and systems during maintenance as part of a safe isolation procedure. These lockouts are part of the Martindale electrical test equipment product portfolio.

The flexible, multi-stranded steel cable with PVC sheath is easy to thread and is able to be adjusted to the required length before locking off with a simple squeeze action.

The Martindale CABLOK series has a built in hasp with space for up to six padlocks for when there are multiple operators working on the same system.

The CABLOK Series is available with 1m, 3m and 5m cable lengths.

Martindale CABLOK Series

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cablok series


  • For locking off multiple breakers, switches & valves
  • PVC sheathed multi strand steel cable 4mm diameter
  • Easily adjustable cable lengths from 1m to 5m
  • Simple squeeze action lock
  • Built-in hasp for up to six padlocks/operators

➡ The CABLOK Series is compatible with Martindale PAD10 Series and PAD20R padlocks (not included)

martindale cablok series


Martindale Order Code Cable Length Hasp Width Hasp Length Hasp Depth Hole Diameter Number of Holes
CABLOK1BL 1 metre 30-43mm 123mm 12mm 9mm 6
CABLOK3BL 3 metres
CABLOK5BL 5 metres

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