Martindale GCLAMP/F Fused Drummond G Clamp

Martindale GCLAMPF Fused Drummond G Clamp

Martindale GCLAMP/F | Drummond G Clamp

martindale gclamp/f

fused g clamp

Martindale GCLAMP/F is a Drummond G Clamp which makes connecting to bus bars more straight forward and forms part of the Martindale electrical test equipment product portfolio.

The clamp-on design eliminates the need to drill the bus bar and ensures a safer and more reliable connection via a standard 4 mm socket.

Martindale GCLAMP/F is ideal for connecting power monitoring and measuring equipment and can be tightened by hand when wearing PPE gloves, meaning no tools are required in the bus bar chamber.

Being manufactured from insulated materials reduce the risk to the operator and the colour coding of the clamps makes phase identification easy.

The standard fused version clamp is supplied with a replaceable 0.5A fuse within the clamping screw to provide protection at the source. These are available in Brown, Black or Grey.

Unfused versions are also available in Brown, Black, Grey and Blue.

Martindale GCLAMP/F is available individually and also in 3 phase connection kit sets including a blue unfused G clamp for the neutral connection.

➡ A risk assessment is required before installation.

martindale gclamp/f


  • Applied electrical contact force: 40N +/- 5N
  • Maximum working voltage: 600V AC
  • Maximum working current: 10A
  • Operating & storage: -15°C to 60°C ≤ 80% R.H.
  • Altitude: Up to 2000m
  • Length behind bus bar: 12mm
  • Length in front of bus bar: 87mm (+35mm as minimum allowance for 4mm plug)
  • Height above top of bus bar: 14mm
  • Width: 50mm for locking ring nut
  • Clearance: required to withdraw fuse holder 75mm
  • For full specification please see the data sheet

Individual G clamps

Martindale Order Code Fused/Unfused Fuse Size Colour Coding
DRUGCLAMP/F0.5/BK Fused 0.5A Black
DRUGCLAMP/F0.5/BR Fused 0.5A Brown
DRUGCLAMP/F0.5/GY Fused 0.5A Grey

Connection Kits

Connection Kit 1 GCK/F/KIT1 – Set of four G Clamps, black, brown, grey fused and blue unfused.
Connection Kit 2 GCK/F/KIT2 – Set of four G clamps black, brown, grey fused and blue unfused with 4m heavy duty colour coded CAT IV test leads. The leads are terminated with 45 degree 4mm safety plugs at both ends.


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Data Sheets