Martindale LOKKITPRO Lock Out Kit

Martindale LOKKITPRO Ultimate Lock Out Kit

Martindale LOKKITPRO Ultimate Lock Out Kit


ultimate lock out kit

Martindale LOKKITPRO is the ultimate lock out kit, it enables safe isolation procedures to be carried out in all types of facility. The kit is ideal for contractors or maintenance teams working on industrial and commercial sites because it includes the most comprehensive range of Martindale locking off devices, compatible with all distribution boards and red spot type fuse holders.

The LOKKITPRO kit includes the latest LOK7 slimline MCB lock for use on breakers where the position of the test button can prevent the use of conventional lock outs or access is restricted. As well as a 1m cable lock device suitable for both electrical and mechanical locking out.

There are nine different locking devices suitable for simple fitting to MCBs, RCBOs and fuse holders.

In addition, a universal red spot type fuse holder lock adjustable for different current ratings, a steel safety hasp which allows multiple padlocks to be used and the versatile cable lock with integrated hasp for control panels are included.

A professional plastic bodied padlock with a 6mm hardened steel shackle for securing the locking devices is also included in the kit.

The Martindale LOKKITPRO is completed with a BS1633 13A mains plug lock, 5 warning tags and a marker pen, all supplied in a durable case with space for storing any additional accessories.

Martindale LOKKITPRO

Martindale LOKKITPRO

martindale lock out kit


The full kit includes the following items:

  • Padlock with unique key (PAD10R)
  • Cartridge fuse isolation lock (LOK6)
  • Cable lock-off (CABLOK)
  • Hasp (LOKHASP25)
  • Plunge locking piece (LOK15)
  • Appliance lock out (PL13)
  • MCB Isolation lock kit (LOKMCB 5 pieces)
  • Slimline grey isolation lock (LOK7)
  • Yellow MCB lock, 10mm clip (LOK10)
  • Red MCB lock, 6mm clip (LOK11)
  • “Equipment locked out” tags which can be written on (TAG4 pack of 5 tags)
  • Black marker pen (LOKMP)
  • TC68 soft carry case (TC68)
Martindale Lock Out Kit

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martindale lokkitpro lock out kit


Number of lock outs 5 8 13
Padlock with unique key * *
Number of lock out tags 5 5
Soft carry case * *
Hasp * *
Cable lock-off *
Universal fuse lock *
13A plug lock *

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