Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicator

Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicator

Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicator


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The Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicators are used to prove that electrical circuits are dead before installation or maintenance work is carried out. This essential tool forms part of the Martindale electrical test equipment product portfolio.

The VI-13800 ensures safety without ranges, switches or batteries to reduce the risk of an incorrect reading. It provides an instant visual AC and DC voltage indication in four stages from 50V up to 400V.

LED indicators give a clear and immediate display of the voltage level range. Martindale VI-13800 features retractable probes, heavy duty finger guards and a two layer, double insulated cable with white inner core to give a clear indication of any damage that could compromise the safety of the user.

Features include a high wattage resistor instead of a fuse which could limit the current in the event of damage to the cable in accordance with BS standards. The protection is built in to the handheld probe assembly to provide superior protectionThe tips of the probes have retractable covers which can be locked in place and not get lost.

Martindale VI-13800 replaces the industry standard VI-13700 voltage indicator. This updated design now complies with the new standard BS EN61243-3, relating to 2 pole voltage indicators and the requirements of GS38 Edition 4 2015.

The new VI-13800 is available to purchase on its own or as part of a kit, the VIPD138LOK. The kits includes a Martindale proving unit, combination carry case and locking off devices, enabling full compliance with health and safety recommendations for safe working which require voltage indicators to be proved before and after use and the point of isolation to be locked off with a caution notice.

Martindale VI-13800

Electrical Test Equipment, Voltage Detection & Safe Isolation | View Martindale Electric range.

Martindale vi-13800 voltage indicators


Nominal Voltage Range 50 – 600V DC/AC rms
Nominal Voltage Threshold Indications 50, 100, 200, 400V AC/DC rms
Voltage Threshold Tolerance Conforms to BS EN 61243-3:2014
Internal Impedance at ELV a.c. 214kΩ
Polarity & Voltage Indication ≥12V DC/AC rms
AC/DC Voltage Detection Automatic
Range Detection Automatic
Response Time < 0.1 second
Frequency Range DC, 1 – 400Hz
Test Current < 3.5mA at 600V DC/AC rms
Duty Ratio 30 seconds ON (operated)/240 seconds OFF (recovery)


Martindale VI-13800 Voltage Indicator

Electrical Test Equipment, Voltage Detection & Safe Isolation | View Martindale Electric range.

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Martindale Electric VI-13800 VI-15000
Self Powered * *
AC/DC Voltage Indication * *
Polarity Indication * *
50/100/200/400V Thresholds *
50/120/230/400/690V Thresholds *
Non Fused Protection * *
Retractable Probe Shrouds * *
Safety CAT IV 600V CAT IV 1000V

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