Cembre F-PPL PVC Insulated Crimp Hooked Blade Terminals


Cembre F-M PVC Insulated Crimp Ring Terminals

Cembre PVC Insulated Crimp Terminals

hooked blade Terminals

Crimp Type – Hooked Blade Terminal

The funnel shaped PVC sleeve of these Cembre crimp terminals guarantees the conductor strands are completely inserted into the terminal barrel of the cable crimp lug, which creates a secure and reliable, electrical and mechanical connection. The internal surface of the barrel is rifled so to improve contact with the conductor strands of the cables when crimped and to increase tensile strength.

The Cembre ‘F’ range of cable terminals offers a wide range of rings, forks, pins and blades designed to meet the ever changing end user requirements.

The operating temperature range for these crimp terminals is from 20°C to 80°C (Surge + 90°).

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Cembre Hooked Blade Terminals

Cembre Hooked Blade Terminals

Cembre Hooked Blade Terminals

Hooked Blade Terminals Technical Characteristics

  • Easy Cable Entry – Yes
  • UL94 Class Cable Terminal – VO Flammability
  • Minimum Operating Temperature – -20°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature – 80°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (Surge) – 90°C
  • Cable Terminal Type – Hooked Blade Terminal
  • Terminal Material Body – Electrolytic Copper
  • Material (Partially Reinforced) – PVC

The Cembre electrical connectors can be stored at a minimum temperature not below – 40°C.

➡ View the complete range of Hooked Blade Terminals manufactured from Cembre in the following table:

Cable Crimp Terminal Dimensions mm
Conductor Size sqmm (AWG) Cembre Type Ø B P L X Crimps Quantity Box/Bag


RF-PPL 30 3.9 3.0 17.5 28.4 1.7 2500/100
RF-PPL 46 3.9 4.6 17.5 28.4 1.7 2500/100


BF-PPL 30 4.9 3.0 17.5 28.4 1.7 2000/100
BF-PPL 46 4.9 4.6 17.5 28.4 1.7 2000/100
Cembre GF-PPL4÷6
GF-PPL 46 6.7 4.6 17.5 32.7 1.9 1000/100