Cable Lugs & Connectors (Mechanical Shearbolt & Crimp Types)

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Cembre Cable Lugs

Crimps, Lugs & Connectors for LV MV HV

Cable Lugs & cONNECTORS

Connecting, Jointing & Terminating LV MV HV Cables

The complete range of electrical connectors for jointing and terminating cables and connecting conductors into low, medium and high voltage switchgear, control panels and transformers using compression (crimping) or mechanical shearbolt (“snap-off”) type connectors.

Connectors are available to lug, crimp and splice cables for LV, MV and HV applications with copper or aluminium conductors ranging from 1.5sqmm up to 1200sqmm.

Compatible with 11kV and 33kV cold shrink, heat shrink, push-on and slip-on type cable joints and cable terminations – crimp, shearbolt and brass tunnel type connectors suit for resin cable joints.

  • Low Voltage 600/1000 Volts (3.3kV)
  • Medium Voltage 6.6kV 11kV 33kV
  • High Voltage 66kV 72kV

Cembre Crimp Lugs & Connectors LV MV HV

Complete range of copper, aluminium and bi-metallic cable crimp lugs, connectors and splices to compress all types of LV-HV cable conductors up to 33kV.

Cembre lugs and connectors are manufactured from high purity and conductivity copper with range of installation tools for matched crimping system including hydraulic crimping tools and battery operated crimpers.

Also – 11kV Medium Voltage Cable Lugs (MV), 33kV High Voltage Cable Lugs (HV), Copper C Sleeve Connectors, Low Smoke Zero Halogen Connectors, Insulated Cable Terminals, Colour Coded Copper Cable Lugs, Transformer Lugs.

Sicame Mechanical Cable Lugs & Connectors LV MV HV

Sicame cable jointing connectors for LV-HV underground cable networks – mechanical connectors utilising shearbolt connection technology manufactured from copper, brass or aluminium.

Specialist LV Cable Jointing Connectors – Service Straight, Service Branch, Mains Straight, Service & Branch, Waveform Connectors, Termination Lugs, Termination Connectors for utility cables 600/1000V. MV-HV straight, branch, service connectors and termination lugs available for 11kV-33kV.

Cable Lugs 11kV

Utility Joints & Connectors To UK DNO Standards Including Mains & Service Jointing

Pfisterer Sicon Mechanical Cable Lugs & Connectors MV HV

Pfisterer Sicon screw type bolted connectors are installed directly onto cable conductor ends (lugs) or to connect sections of jointed cable at medium/high voltages – typically used to connect cables at 11kV-33kV with voltage rating suitable also for HV up to 66kV/72kV. Network Rail PADS approved connectors.

Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs Connectors 11kV 33kV

Pfisterer Sicon Cable Lugs & Connectors – stepless shearbolts for jointing and terminating 11kV, 33kV and 66kV power cables

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