Severe Defects Missed By Tangent Delta Testing – read how IMCORP”s Factory Grade® Technology can help cable owners pinpoint these problems

Published 06 Dec 2018

Tangent Delta Tests

Tangent Delta Tests

Guest Article: IMCORP by Ben Lanz & Dr. Wayne Chatterton 

uploaded by Chris Dodds - Thorne & Derrick Sales & Marketing Manager

A utility client requested IMCORP to proactively assess their cables in a downtown area feeding a convention center. A nationally televised event was coming to town so naturally the reliability of the downtown power grid and avoiding an image-damaging power outage was of utmost importance.

The IMCORP Factory Grade® technology provided a meter-by-meter profile and pinpointed many issues with the cable systems feeding the convention center. The utility was surprised with how many components did not meet the cable and accessory manufacturers’ minimum performance standards. While the utility was greatly concerned and intended to make repairs prior to the upcoming event, they decided to get a second opinion with a different type of test called a VLF tan delta (tangent delta, TD) test.

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Medium & High Voltage Power Cable Systems

The Cable Experts | Medium & High Voltage Power Cable Systems

IMCORP is the technology leader in Medium & High Voltage Power Cable Systems life cycle condition assessment and performance – IMCORP have been helping their clients achieve maximum cable reliability for more than 20 years and have assessed over 130,000 5kV to 500kV cable systems spanning in excess of 160 million feet.

IMCORP Precision ReliabilityTM approach integrates asset condition intelligence into optimized work management processes to maximize cable system reliability at the lowest possible life cycle cost.

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The Semicon Screen – A Most Critical Point In Any MV Joint, Termination Or Connector

Semicon Cut Back MV HV

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