Alroc BRMRD1- XLPE Insulation Removal & Stripping Tool | Video

Published 12 Jan 2021

BRMRD1E MV HV Cable Jointing Tool

Alroc BRMRD1 MV HV Cable Jointing Tool

Insulation Removal & Stripping Tool

By Alroc

MV HV Medium & High Voltage Cables

The below video shows the Alroc BRMRD1 insulation removal stripping tool in use by cable jointers removing the XLPE insulation to prepare the cable ready for the installation of cable joints, terminations or connectors.

Cable preparation is essential to the performance and stability of MV-HV cable joints and terminations – if cables are prepared incorrectly using sub-standard tools or basic hand tools then the risk incidence of cable failure is increased.

The BRMRD1 cable tools manufactured by Alroc enable the cable jointer to set the length and remove the XLPE insulation with a straight and neat cut on MV cables and are predominantly used by MV-HV cable jointers.

The following instructions detail how to use the BRMRD1 insulation removal and stripping tool safely and effectively.

  1. Firstly set up the handle on the cable jointing tool
  2. Then set up of the thrust of the BRMRD1 tool
  3. Tighten the tool on the MV HV cable
  4. Ensure to check the blade setting by making a full turn
  5. Then securely lock the blade in position
  6. Once locked in position set the length of the insulation to be removed
  7. Remove the insulation until the thrust touches the conductor
  8. Once complete unlock the blade and screw it back before loosening and withdrawing the insulation removal stripping tool

Alroc BRMRD1E – Technical Specification

Cable Tool Part Number Diameter Tool Capacity Dimensions Packaging
Insulation Thickness Capacity Length Width Height
BRMRD1E 14 – 40 mm / 0.551 – 1.575 in 9 mm / 0.354 in 270 mm / 10.630 in 100 mm / 3.937 in 165 mm / 6,496 in None


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