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Cable Jointing Tools

Cable jointing tools manufactured by Alroc for the removal and stripping of outer cable sheath, semi-conductor screen and insulation from LV, MV, HV and EHV power cables.

Cable screen stripping tools are available to remove bonded semi-conductor screens from MV-HV cables and screen scoring tools available for removing peelable semi-conductor screening from medium/high voltage cables.

Cable preparation is essential to the performance and stability of MV-HV cable joints and terminations – if cables are under prepared using sub-standard tools or basic hand tools then the risk incidence of cable failure is increased.

Alroc tools have been developed in co-operation with world leading manufacturers of Medium, High & Extra High Voltage Cables to ensure their electrical performance is not comprised by poor workmanship and failure to use precision engineered, designed for purpose cable jointing tools.

Alroc Tools - Cable Jointing Tools (MV HV)

Alroc Tools – Cable Jointing Tools (MV HV)

Alroc Cable Tools

11kV 33kV Medium Voltage cABLE pREPARATION

Alroc have been manufacturing cable stripping tools and machines for LV, MV & HV electrical cable preparation for over 25 years with the range of cable tooling products specified by international utilities and standardised upon by HV cable jointers for quick, effective and simple cable preparation.

High voltage cable jointing, splicing and stripping tools are used by jointers for preparing cable prior to installation of joints, terminations or connectors including heat shrink, cold shrink, push-on and plug-in accessories – all steps and procedures for preparing MV-HV cables are covered by Alroc:

    1. Sheath/Jacket (stripping or removing)
    2. Insulation (stripping, pencilling, chamfering, grooving)
    3. Semicon Screen (scraping, scoring, stripping or shaving)

Alroc CWB18-60 tool is preferred by 11kV/33kV cable jointers for the stripping and removal of bonded semicon screens from MV-HV power cables – the jointing tool also provides a chamfer on the semicon cut back for the installation of joints, terminations or connectors.

Alroc Tools

Alroc Tools – preferred by Cable Jointers, Splicers & Utility Workers for MV-HV cable preparation – safe and reliable with excellent sheath, insulation or screen removal of all medium/high voltage and EHV cables

High Voltage Cable Jointing Tools

Alroc CAMF4/40-90-BBCF enables the cable jointer to remove the bonded semiconductor and insulation from XLPE insulated high voltage power cables. The cable stripping tool provides a uniform and consistent cable preparation process (16 ball bearings rolling around the cable – without lubrication), shaping the cable round over the insulation, providing a constant diameter over the insulation and preventing the cutting blade from digging into the insulation – the Alroc tools also performs a chamfer on transition between the insulation and the semiconductor screen for cables in a diameter range of 40 – 90mm.

High Voltage Cable Jointing Tools

Alroc CAMF4/40-90-BBCF | HV Jointing Tools


Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of cable jointing tools. For more than 30 years, Alroc has been engineering, designing and manufacturing cable preparation tools and cable fixing solutions to establish the most complete product range in the following areas: LV Cable, MV Cable, HV Cable, Optical Fiber Cable and Tube, Telecomunications Cable, Coaxial Cable, Steal Gas Pipe and Cable Holding and Fixing Solutions.

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