Published 01 Jan 2019


How Can T&D Help?

T&D together with our external marketing agency can offer the complete digital marketing package which includes Electronic Direct Mail (EDM’s) to suit your needs, inclusion in our industry focused Infographics, and feature in our T&D brochures and digital flipbooks.

Our digital marketing campaigns supports and feeds into our social Media marketing strategy.

T&D are members of numerous online digital sharing platforms including NEPIC, NOF, T&D World & OilVoice to name a few.


In a nutshell

What T&D Can Do For You?

  • Dedicated product or brand EDM’s to suit your needs or inclusion in more general EDM’s if best suited
  • Feature in our industry Infographics next to your key product ranges
  • Direct mail campaigns targeting key customers in our extensive internal database
  • Blogs distributed to all relevant online digital sharing platforms as often as required (NEPIC, NOF etc)
  • Feature in our brochures including our digital flipbooks


Digital Marketing Stats

Open Rates

Below shows the impressive stats for our latest EDM with Pfisterer.

Open Rate

Example EDM

Example EDM

Digital Flipbook

Opportunity to feature in our brochures which are available as a hard copy and a digital flipbook.





Option for your brand to feature in our sector Infographics alongside your desired product offering dedicated to the below industries.

Sector Infographics

Sector Infographic

Sector Infographic Product

Online Digital Marketing Platforms

Our online platforms also help to strengthen our SEO Strategy by cementing our Google ranks.



North East Process Industry Cluster

(Chemical processing and Pharma industries)

NEPIC is an award winning membership organisation working with the chemical-using industries in the North East of England. Privately-owned and led by industry, we work to support our member companies to become successful and sustainable organisations in a collaborative business environment that helps them to grow.



(Oil/gas and renewable energy industries)

NOF is a business development organisation helping to make valuable connections between businesses in the global energy sector. We work on behalf of our members and our network of partners to put companies of all sizes in touch with the best and most innovative supply chain businesses in the UK.

7,000 Subscribers


OilVoice has the very best writers in the industry posting their opinions. They invite you to join them and publish your blog on our site. Made a discovery? Won a big contract? Share it with OilVoice readers on this free to use service.

Oil Voice

T&D World

T&D World’s mission is to provide utility executives, managers, engineers, supervisors, operators and linemen with must-read information on the design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the electric power-delivery system. This includes an in-depth understanding of transmission, distribution, substations, automation and power flow control. T&D World provides utilities with the insights and technologies to integrate distributed energy resources into the grid.

T&D World