Social Media

Published 01 Jan 2019

Social Media


T&D’s renowned marketing team can help create and share excellent content via our social networks mainly LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Articles, blogs and how to guides to name a few are shared daily helping to create brand awareness, launch products and support our SEO marketing strategy.

So please feel free to share our content, provide your own blogs and videos for sharing and follow our profiles to stay up-to-the-second up to date with the information shared by T&D.


What T&D Can Do For You?

  • Tailored LinkedIn posts shared via T&D profiles, T&D company page, T&D groups, and other associated relevant groups (see stats below).
  • Twitter posts both scheduled and in real time
  • Video optimisation via Youtube
  • Pinterest Boards clearly showing product images, branding

Social Media Stats

Social Media Stats


T&D use LinkedIn as their number one social media marketing tool. There is a wide range of opportunities to be explored within this platform including sharing blogs/videos/adverts etc via all T&D staff profiles, T&D’s very own LinkedIn Groups, other industry related LinkedIn groups and T&D’s company page boasting 20,000+ followers.

T&D Staff Profile Views

LI Staff Profile Engagement

T&D’s LinkedIn Groups

Managed Groups that are our own have 14K+ members across 4 different groups which leads to a bigger audience and further lead generation.

LI Groups

LinkedIn Company Page StatsLinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Shared Update

Impressive Engagement Screenshot with Views from Target Accounts:

LI Shared Update


T&D’s Twitter account has in excess 5,000 followers.



T&D are able to optimise all your videos and ensure you get as many views as possible. The below video has racked up an astonishing 2 million plus views in the last 5 years.YouTube - Video OptimisationSPS