End User Specification Of Approved Cable Products: Where Is The Value?

Published 03 Sep 2019

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Thorne & Derrick collaborate with BASEC to advocate the importance of electrical safety and educating industry stakeholders about specifying and buying accredited, tested and certified cables and cable accessories.

We would like to thank BASEC for allowing us to republish a selection of articles aimed to protect and inform the electrical sector – together we promote compliance with industry standards, specifications and ultimately confidence in end installations to provide LV MV HV Cable Quality. 

Specifying independently approved cable products, in projects, provides end users with confidence that the cable installed in their facilities meets the highest standards.
Quality and safety are key concerns for end users, who constantly depend on cables to perform essential activities throughout the day. If cable is damaged or faulty there is a direct impact on the end user.

This can result in the inability to ensure smooth running of operations or even, in the worst cases, the loss of power to facilities.

As a result, the cable may then need to be replaced or repaired, which could lead to significant costs for the facilities manager. Some of this cost may have to be absorbed by other parties who were involved with the specification of the unsuitable cable, for example contractors.

Specifying BASEC-approved cable in construction projects gives the end user a distinguishing factor – a marking on the cable itself, acting as a tool delivering the assurance that the cable installed is of the highest quality and has been independently tested to the relevant standards.

While the initial purchase cost may appear slightly higher than other cables, a cable costing a penny or two more could be the differentiator reflecting additional levels of quality.

Utilising a cable manufacturing source who has undertaken third-party independent testing, to test the properties and materials of a cable product, is an indicator that demonstrates their ongoing commitment to producing cable that is safe and fit-for-purpose.

Powering and maintaining smooth operations

Powering and maintaining smooth operations

As a member of any buying or purchasing team, assessing or comparing two products, attention should be given to weighing up the initial overall cost of a cable product versus the potential costs of managing an incident.

The costs incurred to rectify or compensate for damage or serious harm to users within the facility can be astronomical in scale.The additional cost, therefore, of specifying BASEC-approved cable at the very start of a project would be considered minimal in comparison.

End users, as well as the supply chain, also benefit from the knowledge, that when they see the BASEC mark, the cable specified and installed has met the prescribed standard or relevant regulatory requirements.

BASEC’s cable product approvals include testing for electrical, mechanical, material, chemical and fire & smoke performance to British, European, international and a range of customer-specific or local standards.

Cable design standards have been developed to ensure that cable products are suitable for their specific applications. Understanding the requirements for compliance, to known industry standards, in key applications, including cable use in MV HV power, utilities, transport and fire performance settings, provides end users with assurance that the cable products installed will be durable and long-lasting.

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation

In regions or parts of the world where standardisation is less prevalent, there are few requirements for achieving compliance, meaning that there is also a higher risk involved in using non-approved products.

This only serves to further highlight the importance of obtaining independent testing to verify cable quality.BASEC’s comprehensive testing regimes include rigorous electrical, mechanical, material, chemical and cable fire testing to ensure that cable products perform in the toughest conditions.

While the independent nature, of a UKAS-accredited organisation, means that any tests performed are done so impartially.Cable sampling and testing at BASEC is more stringent than any other cable testing body, with cable manufacturers being required to submit samples in batches; with a clear targeting of cable products in order to obtain consistent levels of quality across manufacturer’s ranges.

Specify & check for quality cables

Specify & check for quality cables

There is a great deal of long-term value in utilising a measure of cable quality.  So why take the risk when it comes to your cable?When you can rest assured in the knowledge that BASEC is respected worldwide for its’ specialist service and commitment to cable industry.

It is this respect that leads the world’s most astute consultants and project managers to specify BASEC-approved cables for prestigious projects, some of which include the Shard, London UK and the Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE.

BASEC – British Approvals Service for Cables

As industry experts in CPR (Construction Products Regulation) testing BASEC has issued over 3,000 CPR classification reports, delivered through in-house laboratory equipment and by working closely with manufacturers to raise cable product classifications for higher fire performance characteristics.The British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) is a recognised sign of assurance of independent cable testing and approval. As an independent body, BASEC has for nearly 40 years been a mark of reassurance to those specifying cable.

Cable Quality Seminar

BASEC run a number of FREE Cable Quality Seminar’s across the country suitable for anyone and everyone who is working to deliver projects which include cable installations.Do not miss your opportunity to build your awareness of cable quality.Click here to register now.

Middle East Electricity 2020, Dubai

Middle East Electricity 2020, Dubai

BASEC Why specify approved cable?

The video below shows why you should specifiy BASEC as your measure of assured compliance and safety. Substandard cable is everywhere and as an installer you are responsible if non-compliant cable is installed.The importance of good quality cable that is both compliant and safe cannot be understated.The BASEC mark is trusted around the world as a symbol of premium quality and achieving the BASEC mark is not easy. Testing, auditing and certification is to the most rigorous criteria in the industry and is becoming relevant to all international cable markets.


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