Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Sheath Repair & Jacketing Sleeves

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Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Sheath Repair & Jacketing Sleeves - 3M HDCW

Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Sheath Repair & Jacketing Sleeves – 3M HDCW

LV MV HV Cable Sheath Repairs 600/1000V | 3.3kV 6.6kV 11kV 33kV 

Wraparound Sleeves

When installing cables during the cable pulling procedure it is common for accidental cable sheath damage to be inflicted upon cables – if left unrepaired the tears in the sheath allow water dampness and moisture into the cable penetrating and compromising electrical performance. Excess mechanical strain, abrasion or compression caused by backfilling cable trenchs can also cause cable sheath damage which should be effectively repaired using heat shrink cable repair kits.

Exceeding the bending radius of LV-HV cables and where cables are laid into trench under tension along cable rollers can similarly cause cable sheath damage – to avoid cable damage exact minimum bending radii for specific cables can be found in the information sheets of the cable manufacturer.

3M HDCW series heat shrinkable wraparound sleeve kits are suitable for cable sheath repair and jacketing sleeves – including heat shrink cable repair, cold shrink cable repair, 3M Scotch electrical tape and insulating resin based repair solutions for low and high voltage cables. Suitable for use with cable joints and as an additional corrosion protection on undamaged cables.

Cable repair and cable sheath repair kits are available to repair damaged power, control and instrumentation cables including oil, gas & petrochemicals, offshore & marine, mines & quarries, rail & tunnels, distribution & transmission, building services, street lighting, renewable energy, airports, port authorities and utilities.

3M HDCW kits are simple and quick to apply using heat shrink torches maximising protection against mechanical stress even in the most aggressive environments.

HDCW kits are made from modified cross-linked polyolefin which is weather resistant and has a hot-melt adhesive coated to the inner side of the sleeve. The outer surface is coated with a thermochromic paint, which changes the colour after the optimal heat shrink temperature is achieved. 3M’s cable sheath repair kits are made from halogen free materials.

Upon heating, the heat shrink sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts, thereby achieving a safe and watertight bond between the sleeve and the cable. A corrosion proof metal clip is then used to fully close the sleeve around the cable sheath to repaired.

Heat Shrink Wraparound Repair Sleeves Application Guide

The following table enables the selection of the correct cable repair sleeve using heat shrink design to repair damaged cable jackets or sheaths – the wraparound repairs provide excellent bonding to the following cable sheath types:

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • LSF (Low Smoke & Fume)
  • PTFE
  • PUR Polyurethane
  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • JCN
3M Cable Repair Kit Part Number Length Inches (Metres) Primary Insulation 600/1000V Conductor Size AWG/MCM Jacket Repair Use Range max./min inches (mm) Sleeve Dimensions
Expanded Diameter inches (mm) Recovered Diameter inches (mm)
HDCW 35/10-250
HDCW 35/10-1200
9.8 (250)
47.2 (1200)
1.38-0.39 (35-10)
1.38-0.39 (35-10)
1.97 (50)
1.97 (50)
0.32 (8)
0.32 (8)
HDCW 55/10-500
HDCW 35/10-1200
19.7 (500)
47.2 (1200)
2.17-0.59 (55-15)
2.17-0.59 (55-15)
2.95 (75)
2.95 (75)
0.51 (13)
0.51 (13)
HDCW 80/25-750
HDCW 80/25-1200
29.5 (750)
47.2 (1200)
3.15-0.98 (80-25)
3.15-0.98 (80-25)
3.94 (100)
3.94 (100)
0.91 (25)
0.91 (25)
HDCW 110/30-1000
HDCW 110/30-1200
39.4 (1000)
47.2 (1200)
4.33-1.18 (110-30)
4.33-1.18 (110-30)
5.20 (132)
5.20 (132)
0.98 (25)
0.98 (25)
HDCW 140/40-1000
HDCW 140/40-1200
39.4 (1000)
47.2 (1200)
5.51-1.57 (140-40)
5.51-1.57 (140-40)
5.71 (145)
5.71 (145)
1.26 (32)
1.26 (32)


How to Install Wraparound Repair Sleeves

  1. Position the wraparound sleeve over the cable damage, joint or splice and close the metal channel
  2. Apply heat using the heat shrink gas torch to shrink the sleeve onto the cable sheath and melt the adhesive liner
  3. The finished sleeve is allowed to cool creating moisture proof and corrosion resistant cable seal

Recommended Cutting Dimensions For HDCW Wraparound Cable Repair Sleeves

The wraparound cable repair sleeves manufactured by 3M Electrical can be cut-to-length on site and in the field for application to damaged cable section according to the following recommendations:

Cable Damage Length Total Cable Seal Length
<3 (<76) 3 (76)
3-12 (76-305) 4 (102)
12-24 (305-610) 6 (152)
>24 (>610) 8 (203)


Cold Shrink Cable Repair

Where “hot-working” is not permitted due to atmospheric presence of flammable gases in potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous area locations Cold Shrink tubes can be used to repair cables where access is possible to the open-end of the cable circuit – not suitable for repairing cables mid-circuit or mid-span. If a flexible repair to cable is required we can provide 3M Scotchcast resin based cable repair solutions specified for marine and offshore with excellent resistance to seawater environments, submersion and exposure.

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3M HDCW - Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Sheath Repair & Jacketing Sleeves

3M HDCW – Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Sheath Repair & Jacketing Sleeves

Heat Shrink Wraparound

Cable Sheath Repair & Jacketing Sleeves

3M HDCW Heat Shrink Cable Repair

3M HDCW Heat Shrink Cable Repair – ex stock

3M HDCW Cable Sheath Repair Kit Features

  • Quick and easy to use for cable sheath repair & jacketing sleeves
  • Maximum protection against mechanical stress
  • Good bonding to PE and PVC surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to even the harshest environments
  • Forms a perfect seal to prevent moisture ingress
  • Suitable for MV (Medium Voltage) & HV (High Voltage) cable repairs including 11kV 33kV

3M HDCW Series Dimensions


3M HDCW Cable Repair Kit Part Number H/mm F/mm T/mm
HDCW 35/10 155 18 0.9
HDCW 55/15 175 18 0.9
HDCW 80/25 260 30 0.9
HDCW 110/30 355 30 0.9
HDCW 140/40 455 30 0.9

3M HDCW Series Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Sleeve Kits

Application Range

3M HDCW Cable Repair Kit Part Number Repair Kit Standard Length (mm) Heat Shrink Sleeve Diameter
Recovered (max) mm As supplied (min) mm
HDCW 35/10 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1200 10 35
HDCW 55/10 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1200 15 55
HDCW 80/25 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1200 25 80
HDCW 110/30 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1200 30 110
HDCW 140/40 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1200 40 140


3M Heat Shrink Cable Sheath Repair – Material Characteristics

Characteristics Value Test Method
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength 17.5N/sqmm ISO R-527
Ultimate Elongation 300% ISO R-527
Water Absorbtion In 24 Hours 0.1% ASTM D-570
Torchability No Split TE 201 AOL
ECSR 48 Hours At 50ºC No Cracks ASTM D-1693
Thermal Ageing Tests 120ºC 500 Hours
Tensile Strength 15N/sqmm ISO R-527
Ultimate Elongation 200% ISO R-527
Electrical Properties
Dielectrical Strength 12kV/mm ASTM D-149
Chemical Properties
Chemical Resistance After Immersion In Following Liquids:
0.1N sol. of NaSo
NaOH (40%)
H’SO (3%) for 24 Hours At Room Temperature
Good (No Visual Defects) ISO 175
Tensile Strength 15N/sqmm ISO 175
Ultimate Elongation 200% ISO 175
Temperature Indicating Paint Colour Conversion
150ºC For 30 Minutes No Change Visual
250ºC For 5 Minutes Colour Change Visual
Offshore Cable Repair Solutions

Thorne & Derrick International have worked with Stena Drilling to satisfy several demanding offshore cable repair applications. Stena’s drillship fleet required reliable and high specification power cable and control cable repair solutions. The recommended cable repair solutions were for use on NEK TS 606 / IEC 61892-4 cable standards (flame retardant-halogen free-mud resistant) for use on board drill ships operating in Arctic conditions.

3M HDCW heat shrink cable repair kits reinstate cable sheath integrity caused by oil mud, heat, mechanical and general electrical service damage in offshore cable installations.

NEK606 Cables Defined

NEK 606:2004 was the Norwegian industry standard for the Offshore Oil and Gas, Ship & Marine Industries until withdrawal in 2009 – today IEC 61892–4:2007 is the superseding European standard now in place. These cables are DNV Certified to be in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. The NEK 606 cables are flame retardant to IEC 60332 and when a mica glass tape is applied over the conductors then are classified as fire resistant to IEC 60331. NEK 606 are standard electric cables for offshore oil, gas and marine industries and for use in power, instrumentation, control and signal applications.

IEC 61892-4:2007 Mobile & Fixed Offshore Units – Electrical Installations – Part 4: Cables

This part of IEC 61892 specifies requirements for the choice and installation of electrical cables intended for fixed electrical systems in mobile and fixed offshore units, including pumping or “pigging” stations, compressor stations and exposed location single buoy moorings, used in the offshore petroleum industry for drilling, production, processing and for storage purposes.

The construction of NEK 606 cables are similar to other standards (such as BS 6883 and IEEE 1580 type P), however variations in the construction relate to the insulation, screening, braiding, bedding and sheathing compound. The conductors of NEK 606 cables are constructed with circular tinned stranded copper wire to IEC 60228 Class 2 or Class 5.

NEK 606 conductors are insulated with either an EP or HEP rubber compound and comply with BS 7655. NEK 606 conductor insulation colours differ also from BS 6883 and IEEE. NEK 606 compound for the Bedding and Outer Sheath is SHF2 which is a Thermosetting Dual Compound LSZH and Flame Retardant and also Oil/ MUD Resistant.

NEK 606 armoured cables have a tinned copper wire braid, excellent for mechanical and corrosive protection. Standard outside sheath colours for NEK 606 are Black for Power and Control, Grey or Blue for Instrument, Red for Medium Voltage. NEK 606 instrument cables are individually or collectively screened with a copper mylar tape in contact with a tinned copper drain wire.

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